Inti Web: Inti 75-76 Coming Soon!

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Inti: Revista de la Literatura Hispánica is a 39 year old academic journal started by Roger Carmosino. It has published research and analysis in all areas of Spanish and Latin literature and has often included creative writing written by Latin and Spanish authors and artists.

I’ve worked with my fellow Digital Publishing colleagues and Roger to revamp the Inti website that was originally created by web dev guru Chris Gubata. The goal of Inti web is to act as a digital extension of the themes surrounding each issue of Inti. We try to keep it up to date with pertinent links to multimedia (photos and videos), news articles, and interviews. The site is, by default, set to be viewed in Spanish, but not to worry, if you can’t habla Espanol, there is a handy toggle up at the top of the site that will automatically translate the page into English for you.

Check out Inti web here:

Check out the site for the latest issue of Inti (73-74) here:

Stay tuned for new updates as we finalize the content for Issue 75-76!

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Posted by: on May 3, 2013   |Comments (0)|Digital Publishing