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Here in Digital Publishing Services (DPS) we work with digital objects every day.  We scan, process, store, and present a wide variety of digital content in many formats.  We are engaged in aspects of the digital curation process, but we don’t often label it as such.

I set out to locate some introductory resources about digital curation to help me better understand the field.  Here’s a selection of what I found:

DCC Curation Lifecycle Model
DCC Curation LifecycleThe Digital Curation Centre is a UK-based organization that specializes in digital information curation “with a focus on building capacity, capability and skills for research data management across the UK’s higher education research community.”  The Centre presents a wealth of helpful resources on digital curation including How-To guides and case studies.

The DCC presents the Digital Curation Lifecycle Model pictured above.  As someone new to the field, this lifecycle model is a little daunting.  Luckily, I cam across a helpful webinar presented by Lisa Snider and the ALA ACRL Digital Curation Interest Group that broke down the lifecycle model into manageable “pieces of the digital curation pie.”  Lisa outlines the pieces as:

Digital Objects (Data)
Selection and Acquisition
Arrangement and Description
Metadata Creation

Each of these items deserve more attention, and I’ll expand upon them in further posts.  Lisa’s presentation emphasized that digital curation goes beyond digital preservation.  Preservation is one very important (and often challenging) part of the larger digital curation lifecycle.

I plan to deepen my understanding of this subject through the upcoming MOOC, Introduction to Digital Curation, presented by University College London.  Interested?  Join me!

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Posted by: on April 4, 2014   |Comments (0)|Digital Asset Management