Dynamic Shape Display & Motion Synth (New Forms of Interactivity)

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We in Digital Publishing Services try to closely follow new advances in computing and multimedia, particularly if they directly impact scholarly or artistic creation. So, it was quite exciting to find out about two new projects that could significantly influence creative technologies over the next few years. Here, for your interest, are demo videos of the two systems: the inFORM dynamic shape display and the Motion Synth for iPhone and iPod Touch.

inFORM dynamic shape display (MIT)

The first is a “dynamic shape display” developed by MIT’s Tangible Media Group. This interface allows users to “interact with digital information in a tangible way” by physically rendering 3D content through a grid of digitally-controlled columns. It’s a very captivating project, and seems to have potential both in terms of teaching and creative generation, but also as a useful technology for disabilities access.

Motion Synth for iPhone and iPod Touch (AUUG)

AUUG’s Motion Synth offers a simple solution for gestural composition with the iPhone – an specially-designed aluminum frame that is fastened around the user’s hand, ensuring that the device won’t fall and that access to the touch screen isn’t impeded. While this may seem like just a matter of ergonomics at first, AUUG has also create a program that would utilize the device’s internal sensing, relaying the physical information back to a compatible musical software or hardware. In effect, you can modify sounds in new, physically expressive ways through this system. One can envision this offering a very unique and approachable way of creating and engaging with multimedia works.

For more information, see the project pages at MIT and AUUG:



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Posted by: on December 6, 2013   |Comments (0)|Facilities and Tools