Dorr Rebellion Lesson Plans

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Did you know that in addition to the documentary, the gallery, and the letters, the Dorr Rebellion Project web site also contains five lesson plans for use in the high school or post-secondary classroom?

The plans can be used independently or combined to form a unit on the Dorr Rebellion.  The lessons cover the following topics:

dorr lesson plans

Each lesson plan is aligned with specific Rhode Island Grade Span Expectations (GSEs) for Civics and Social Studies.  All of the lessons require that students to engage with primary source material hosted on the Dorr Rebellion web site.

In May the lesson plans were shared with local K-12 teachers at the RI Social Studies Institute.  Both the lesson plans and the web site generated a lot of enthusiasm from middle and high school teachers.

If you use the lesson plans and have feedback we’d love to hear from you.  You can comment here or email  Happy teaching!

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Posted by: on August 6, 2014   |Comments (0)|Open Educational Resources