Digitization Process for INTI

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As described in my last entry, digitizing the Inti journal is an ongoing project for DPS. For this entry, I thought we could take an inside look at the digitization process. Here are the steps we take to make the paper journal digital:

1. Remove binding from the journal: We remove the journal’s binding so we can lay the pages flat on the flatbed scanner.

2. Scan pages: We use Microtek scanners to scan the pages. We scan photographs and book covers in color mode and pages that are text-only in grayscale mode, adjusting histogram settings as needed to eliminate bleed-through from ink on reverse sides of pages.

3. Run Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software on the scans: Optical character recognition is a technology that converts image documents into editable and searchable text. We run OCR on our scans using a program called ABBYY FineReader. Once the pages have been scanned by ABBYY, we proofread the text, then export to pdf.

4. Upload to Digital Commons: Once PDFs are created, we upload them to Digital Commons along with associated metadata so they are available for download.

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Posted by: on August 8, 2013   |Comments (0)|Digital Publishing