Digital Commons at Providence College Nearing One Million Downloads

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The Phillips Memorial Library at Providence College is part of a consortium of higher education and special libraries (i.e., Higher Education Library and Information Network / HELIN Consortium). In 2005, the HELIN Central Office, supported by the HELIN Board of Library Directors, was awarded a grant by the Davis Educational Foundation to support implementation of a consortium-wide institutional repository (IR). Grant funds provided that a distinct repository would be created for each HELIN institutional library. Each library’s IR would implement unique institutional domain names and branding.

Digital Commons at Providence College was officially launched on February 14th, 2007. Initially, the repository contained a small set of pre-prints, journals and special collection imaged artifacts. Through ongoing fruitful cross-departmental collaborations, the College can now boast four thousand digital objects in Digital Commons at Providence College representing a wide range of document types–College scholarly output and archival materials.

Digital Commons at Providence College is nearing the one million download mark; that is, collectively the four thousand resources now available will reach one million downloads. The Phillips Memorial Library Digital Publishing Services team will announce when Digital Commons at Providence College reaches one million downloads. Cause for celebration, methinks!


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Posted by: on July 31, 2014   |Comments (0)|Open Access