DC comics coming to Hoopla

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For the first time, DC has partnered with the digital public library, Hoopla.  Their partnership will bring 25 of their top titles to the library. Comics will be added periodically, and a spokesperson from Hoopla claims there will eventually be over 200 available. DC will initially release titles on Hoopla in a bit of a measured fashion, waiting to gauge how well they sell in more traditional markets before hosting them in the library.

Hoopla users will be able to borrow 25 of DC Entertainment’s top titles including Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, Superman: Earth One, V for Vendetta, Final Crisis and Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Blood. Whether you’re a hardcore comic fan or just want to catch up on some of the best stories DC has ever published, it’s a pretty nice list of graphic novels.



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Posted by: on July 2, 2015   |Comments (0)|Spotlights