Club Phil Megamix Video

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During this spring and summer break, members of DPS have been experimenting with the MediaHub loanable equipment to get a fuller sense of what possibilities it offers to our patrons. We’re happy to say that they are pretty endless. To demonstrate this and promote the MediaHub, we’ve created a short music video & song featuring the library’s ambient sounds, some of which you might recognize if you’ve spent time in “Club Phil,” as the students call it. So, here for you’re viewing pleasure is “Club Phil Megamix” – a video created exclusively using MediaHub equipment, software and some staff know-how.

The video was recorded using two Panasonic 32GB HC-X900M HD camcorders and two Davis & Sanford Provista 7518FM tripods. All sampled sounds were recorded with a Tascam DR-40 digital handheld recorder and edited in Audacity. The song itself was arranged within GarageBand, using an Akai MPK Mini MIDI controller to program in the melodic elements and additional beats. Finally, the video was edited within Final Cut Pro X. All software and equipment listed is available through the MediaHub. If you are interested to learn more about the MediaHub and the resources we offer through it, please feel free to contact us at We’d be happy to hear from you!

In the meantime, sit back (or dance if you wanna) and enjoy the video!


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Posted by: on July 23, 2014   |Comments (0)|Facilities and Tools