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Shelf.ioThe folks over at the Harvard Innovation Lab have created a very interesting tool/website called What is exactly? Well, it is, essentially, a collection of shelves. Shelves that are initially empty, but can be filled with all of your favorite things (bookmarks, books, media, just about anything). These shelves can be made public for all the internet to see, or private so that only you can see. was created using the StackView jQuery plugin and is open source under the MIT and GPL licenses. If you’re feeling up to editing up your own version of grab the github code here.

I’ve started up my own personal at I’ve got two shelves that I’m working on currently, one is a showcase of all of the interesting Digital Publishing Services projects we’re working on, and the other is a collection of links to useful resources that I use a lot in my work. Check them both out! And while you’re at it, get your own and start organizing some shelves of your own!

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Posted by: on July 11, 2013   |Comments (2)|Spotlights