Apple & Google Play Announce New Digital Music Streaming Services

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1Apple and Google Play both launch their new music streaming services this week. In a possible effort to lure paid subscribers, Google has launched their service ahead of Apple, with Apple’s service set to launch June 30th.

Apple’s service made news this week after it came under fire — most notably by Taylor Swift in an open letter she penned, accusing the company of intending to stiff artists on royalties during the service’s 3-month free streaming trial period. The company has since reconsidered their decision and announced via Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue’s Twitter account that they will compensate artists.

Unlike Spotify, neither service allows the user to select songs playing. Google Play Product Manager Elias Roman says he believes many people will not mind this feature, as consumers are after an effortless experience. The company is relying on the behind-the-scenes work of real people, who hand select and curate available playlists; algorithms only come into play after a radio station based on artist or song has been chosen. Apple’s philosophy is similar: Their service claims to offer an “old-fashioned human-curated music playlist for the digital age,” and Apple’s music chief Jimmy Iovine says that algorithms alone “can’t do that emotional task.”

Subscribing to Google Play allows the user to take their playlists offline (as well as manipulate, edit, and rename them) and to listen without interruption. Apple will be offering their service for free for the first 3 months of use and offers individual and family plans once the trial period ends. (Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4)

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Posted by: on June 24, 2015   |Comments (0)|Spotlights