30,000 Getty Museum Images Published in Sleek New Viewer

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The IIIF Mirador viewer showing the Getty Museum’s Van Tromp Going about to Please His Masters (left) and the Yale Center for British Art’s Dort or Dordrecht: The Dort Packet-Boat from Rotterdam Becalmed (right), both by J.M.W. Turner

Earlier this month, the Getty published more than 30,000 images from the Getty Museum’s collection using the sleek IIIF media viewer, Mirador. The Mirador viewer allows you to smoothly zoom and pan around an image, as well as compare multiple works from the collection, and eventually you’ll also be able to annotate works. The newly available images are from the Open Content Program, a collection of images to which the Getty holds the rights or that are in the pubic domain. All images added to the program in the future will be immediately available in the new viewer.

To browse the images and play with the Mirador viewer, you can go to getty.edu and search the collection – any image with a blue and read IIIF icon underneath it can be viewed in the new viewer (check out Van Gogh’s Irises).

To do a side-by-side comparison:

  1. Select an artwork from the Getty Museum online collection that has a IIIF icon (just below the image and to the right).
  2. Click the IIIF icon to open the Mirador viewer.
  3. Select “Change Layout” at the top right to add one or more slots where you’d like additional artwork images to display.
  4. Select another artwork (with an IIIF icon) that you’d like to compare. Go to the webpage for this object and drag the IIIF icon from that browser tab or window into the new slot you’ve just created. The two images will now appear side by side.


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Posted by: on June 23, 2017   |Comments (0)|Digital Humanities