30 more letters! Working facets! It’s another Dorr Letters site update!

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Hello everyone!

I’ve got some great news for those who have been following the Dorr Letters site project. We’ve just finalized the encoding for 30 more letters, uploaded them to the Dorr Letters site, and updated some of the code to allow for faceting not only by date, but now by collection and author!

We’ve added more entries for the contextual “ography” popup content, and squashed a bunch of bugs and glitches!

Check out the new updates here: http://library.providence.edu:8080/xtf/index.xml

Per usual, we are not done with the site. Stay tuned for an updated home page that will be more user friendly and will make more sense of the different Dorr Letter collections!

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Posted by: on June 25, 2014   |Comments (0)|Digital Publishing