Incoming Freshman: Pitch Perfect 2 wants you to go on the Connections Retreat

Incoming Freshman: Pitch Perfect 2 wants you to go on the Connections Retreat

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PITCH PERFECT 2 MAKES CONNECTIONSDisclaimer: If you’re avoiding Pitch Perfect 2 spoilers, for reasons passing understanding, don’t read this. (Read this anyway.)

I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with my father.

It’s a feel good movie, so if you care at all about plot line, or about  anything other than crazy good mash-ups, the movie may be lacking. This being said, imagine my surprise that when Anna Kendrick and her band of A cappella singing friends couldn’t harmonize, they packed up their van, and drove, to a RETREAT CENTER. When the Bella’s were failing at being friends, when their priorities were a mess, their solution? Go on a retreat. Take time away from your normal schedule. Go with friends. Talk about what’s important. Sing in twelve part harmony while playing on a low ropes course. It all makes sense.

Campus Ministry is home to great retreats, and I suggest you take advantage of them all over the next four years, but the first retreat of this year is CONNECTIONS. The Connections Retreat is for freshman only, led by upperclassmen, away from campus, and for the weekend. Go canoeing. Go to mass in front of a crazy beautiful lake. Get lost in the woods (Please don’t do this). Make a Taylor Swift music video. Make friends. Wear bandanas. Like I said, it all makes sense.

The Connections Retreat is the perfect place to say, “Do I like college (Insert your name here)?”

Are you a good roommate? Are you a good friend? How are your classes? Did you start going to mass? Did you start going to the gym? Why aren’t you on an intramural sports team? Have you not gone down to the Campus Ministry Center to meet the acca-awesome people who work there? (Wink, nudge) What, above all, do you struggle with?

Spend time with a group of people who are asking the same questions and with people who want to help by sharing their own answers.

Cut yourself a break and take a weekend to make sure that you actually survived the first three weeks of college, and have hope that you are going to survive the next twelve.

Go on a retreat.

Disclaimer: If you’re avoiding Pitch Perfect 2 spoilers, for reasons passing understanding, don’t read this. (Read this anyway.) I went... MORE

Connections Retreat 2014

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Connections leaders and participants

Connections leaders and participants

By Guest Blogger: Meghan Lescault

“CONNECTIONS!  RETREAT!  RETREAT!  CONNECTIONS!”  Anyone who has ever set foot in the midst of a Connections Retreat for more than thirty seconds will be able to smile and recall this endearing rallying cry repeated throughout the weekend.  Not only does it serve to gain the attention of retreatants, but it also serves as an expression of solidarity and team spirit.

Connections is one of the finer jewels of Campus Ministry at Providence College.  I’m sure we can all agree that the first few weeks of freshman year in college are some of the roughest, toughest weeks of life.  Keeping this in mind, the Connections Retreat is designed for freshman to come together in a comfortable setting, meet new friends, reflect on their faith, and make some…you guessed it…connections!

This year’s Connections Retreat took place from September 19 to September 21 at the usual lovely venue of the Toah Nipi Retreat Center in Rindge, New Hampshire.  One hundred freshman retreatants, twenty-four leaders, and two Campus Ministry staff members trekked up north to experience an unforgettable weekend of faith, fun, friendship, and of course food! (Toah Nipi is known for their culinary prowess.)  As a tradition, every Connections Retreat has a new theme each year, and this year did not disappoint with the theme of the Olympics.

The retreat kicked off on Friday evening in the Campus Ministry Center.  After everyone satiated themselves with copious amounts of pizza, we loaded up the buses and got psyched for what was to come.  After our arrival at Toah Nipi, the opening Olympic ceremony started right away.  Retreatants were divided up into teams, which dove straightaway into a fierce competition for the gold medal.  Each group had the task of creating a country.  Most groups based their country around their team color with standouts such as “Lime So Fancy” for the lime green team and “Blue-Knighted Kingdom” for the royal blue team.  After a night of unique and challenging Olympic events, the orange team took home the gold as the country of “Tropicania.”

Saturday began with a Mass celebrated by Fr. Justin Brophy and then retreatants participated in a paired walk where they had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with a fellow freshman and make some…here it goes…connections! (Are you sensing a theme yet?)  A little free time was provided to play sports, take out a canoe on the lake, or just chill.  One of the biggest hits of the weekend was the highly anticipated campfire on Saturday night!  Everyone gathered around the fire with guitars and marshmallows in hand, signing the night and making some good ole s’mores.

Sunday began with time to think about our own faith journeys and what this weekend had meant to us.  Small groups met up for the last time before the retreat came to an end with the Olympic closing ceremony.  Each retreatant, leader, and staff member wrote something that they would be taking away from the weekend down on a piece of either red, orange, or yellow piece of paper.  Everyone took turns sharing their thoughts with the entire group and placing their pieces of paper on the wall in the shape of an Olympic torch!  Although everyone was disappointed when it was time to take the bus back to PC, we all knew that we were taking away an abundance of happy memories!

The weekend may be over, but the memories, the friendship, and the…here it goes…connections made during this retreat will last a lifetime.  The Olympic torch has been kindled, and we are keeping it burning all year here at Providence College.  So for one last time this semester: CONNECTIONS! RETREAT! RETREAT! CONNECTIONS!

Go Friars!

By Guest Blogger: Meghan Lescault “CONNECTIONS!  RETREAT!  RETREAT!  CONNECTIONS!”  Anyone who has ever set foot in the midst of a... MORE