Lenten Blog Series: Stabat Mater Dolorosa

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Guest Blogger: Scott Thompson ’14, Student Minister for Faith Formation

Stations of the CrossThe Stations of the Cross are commonly prayed throughout this Lenten season. On Friday afternoons and evenings you’ll find the faithful gathering in parishes across the globe to commemorate Christ’s final hours through the prayerful contemplation of each station. The Stations serve as a reminder of the torture that was His passion. We slowly follow our Lord from station to station considering the weight of His cross, the agony of His wounds, and the cruelty of His executioners.

The Stations enkindle within us the fire of appreciation for what was done to accomplish our salvation. We are reminded that this was not an easy task, no, not even for God. He sweat, bled, and died to bring salvation history to this glorious pinnacle.

We are called to be like Christ. Sometimes this entails great joy, and other times it requires a painful sacrifice. This Lent we particularly recall the great sacrifice that was made atop Cavalry. We remember that the way to His death was not an easy one. If we are to be like Him, we must be open to a similar struggle. Christ does not promise us an easy way, He says, “Take up your cross and follow me”. (Mt 16:24)

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Posted by: on April 12, 2014   |Comments (0)|General