Eight 2018 Career Resolutions you Can Start Today

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With a new year comes new possibilities and opportunities. It’s no surprise that as college students we all wonder, what’s next? No better way to set yourself up for future career success than by establishing resolutions. Here are eight fundamental career resolutions that you can begin planning for today.

1.) Update your resume: The more we progress in our college careers, the more experiences we have. Each of these experiences reveals  a characteristic of ourselves, whether it be academically, professionally, or personally. It’s important to make sure that you’re choosing your best experiences on your resume in order to showcase your best self to potential employers.

2.) Create a cover letter template: A cover letter is a summary of professional and academic highlights that provides you with the opportunity to explain the value you have added to each of your experiences in connection with your personal traits. It provides an insight into who you are as a person beyond what is listed on your resume. As you update your resume, make sure to update your cover letter as well. Submitting a cover letter alongside a resume in a job or internship application is highly valuable and can set you apart from other candidates.

3.) Schedule an Appointment at the PC Career Center for Education: Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, it is never too early to start considering your career. The career center is eager to assist you with resume creation and revision, internship and job search, and career expo tips. Try to set up an appointment or come to their daily drop in hours as early in the semester as you can.

4.) Schedule an appointment with Tess Povar, Assistant Director/ Career Coach for the PCSB: If you’re looking for the best career advice specific to being a business major, Tess is the person to contact! She has great advice to offer and can get you in touch with PC alum in all disciplines of the business field including marketing, finance, accounting, or management.

5.) Consider your network: Ever wonder how people land their dream job? Sometimes, it can happen in unexpected ways. At PC we’re lucky to have a strong network of alumni and faculty who are more than willing to help a fellow friar in the job search. You never know, you could land your dream job or internship by putting yourself out there and getting in touch with a PC alumni!

6.) Check E-Friars regularly: E-Friars is a great resource that is exclusive to the PC community. The portal has a job and internship search, the latest information on the career fair and attendees, and information on upcoming career events and workshops. New jobs and internships are posted by the Career Center through PC alumni regularly, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities!

7.) Read the I Want Your Job/Internship Spotlight series for inspiration: Not sure of what exactly you want to do? Sometimes the best way to brainstorm ideas is through the inspiration of others. Reading about alumni who had your major, or students in your major in our I Want Your Job and Internship Spotlight series is a great place to start! Keep an eye out for new articles!

8.) Have a positive, can-do attitude: You can do anything with enough motivation, time-management, and hard work. Don’t anticipate success, create it for yourself.



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