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An (very late) update!

Dear all readers,

I know it has been a while since my last post (actually it was too long ago that I fail to keep track of time) and I sincerely apologise for the lack of activity on my blog in the last semester. But wait, I have a good reason (or so I think) for you.

I’m currently studying abroad at the London School of Economics and Political Science (or the LSE, for short) in the glorious United Kingdom (where the Queen, who has an extremely nice and spacious house, really matters). Just like many other bloggers on this site, this year abroad is a part of my 4-year bachelor program at PC, so after this junior year abroad, I will be back on PC campus for my senior year. As an aspiring economist who also happens to have a tremendous interest in anything political, I chose the LSE – one of the world’s leading universities in economics and social science in general – to spend a year at and I’ve been loving it to the fullest thus far.

London has been a very popular city for PC students to  study abroad. In fact, you can read about studying and living in London from blogposts by another blogger, Andres Taborda, who spent the last semester at King’s College London, here on the very same blogging site. Andres, being a great writer himself, has given very useful information on his blog for those who are interested in knowing more about London and studying abroad program in general. So please check out his page for more details. Due to this reason and many more, I felt like having another blogger writing about London and school life here in general would be a bit redundant. Nevertheless, I miss blogging so much and decide to come back from hiatus. From now on, I will be writing more frequently (I hope!) for those who are interested in reading about what it’s like to be a PC student at the LSE.

My next post, which should be up soon, will provide a quick recap of what happened during my last summer and first term at the LSE. So please stay tune!



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