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Random Thoughts from the Early Action Review

A quick break from reading applications to share with you some quick thoughts from the Early Action process so far. In no particular order…

  • LOTS of students chose essay prompt #4 (“Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content…”). This isn’t good or bad, just an observation… At least within my territory, there seem to be more essays written on this topic than any of the other options.
  • I’m always surprised that more students don’t provide a response to the optional Providence College-specific essay on our Writing Supplement. Yes, it’s optional, but what a great opportunity for students to share more about themselves and give us a sense of why they see PC as a match and fit.
  • First term/quarter/trimester grades always give us a helpful context of how a student is doing this year. Great to see some students who have been on an “upward trend” academically throughout high school keep that going into their senior year. That can help your case with the committee on admission!


  1. My son applied ED and is very anxious! When should he expect a notification? Thanks.

    • Hi Pat,

      We’re completing the final review of our Early Action and Early Decision candidates this week, and notification for all EA and ED candidates will be released by January 1st. We’re hoping that it will be earlier than that, and we are aiming for an earlier release if things stay on track, but by January 1st is the most concrete answer I can give you at this point.

      As soon as I can give a more specific date, I will definitely post it here!

      Thanks for reading –

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