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Students who have submitted their enrollment form/deposit have already received this information in the mail, but I just wanted to highlight two required items that we need from all incoming students over the coming weeks:

1. Final High School Transcript – When your senior year is complete, we need an official final transcript from your high school in order to complete the documentation required for you to matriculate here at PC. Your final high school transcript must clearly indicate your date of high school graduation, and should be submitted to the Office of Admission by July 1. It is a requirement that we have a final high school transcript on file before a student can begin taking classes on campus.

2. Standardized Test Scores (SAT/ACT) – If your application for admission did not contain standardized test scores, your scores must be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Services by June 1. As part of our test-optional admission policy, we require all enrolled students to submit their SAT/ACT scores to support academic advisement. There are two options available for submitting your scores: (a) You may contact the testing agency directly to have your official scores sent to PC (but please note that there is a fee charged for this service!) or (b) you can use the “SAT/ACT Test Report Form” you received in the mail to have your scores verified by your high school counseling office. Scores received directly from your high school will be considered official and will fulfill the standardized test submission requirement. (Of course, if your application for admission to PC contained your official standardized test scores, you’re already all set!).

I know that the end of your senior year can get busy, but please make sure that these two important items aren’t forgotten as you celebrate your high school graduation!

Waiting List Update #3 (2015)

This week, we did reach out and make offers of admission to a small group of students from the waiting list. At this point, the waiting list remains active, although we are not yet sure if/when additional offers may be made. The following message was sent to all active candidates on the waiting list by e-mail this afternoon:

With the passing of May 1 and strong deposit activity at the deadline, the Class of 2019 is nearing capacity. Earlier this week, we made offers of admission to a small group of students on our waiting list. While we do not anticipate many available class spaces going forward, we may be able to make a very limited number of additional offers of admission over the coming weeks.

The Committee on Admission is currently reviewing over 400 candidates who continue to seek further consideration. As a reminder, there is no specific rank order; this is a fluid process where we consider not only the academic credentials of each candidate, but also space in particular majors, residence hall availability, and other demographic factors.

Should any further class spaces become available, you will receive information about the availability of financial assistance – students will not be required to submit a deposit without knowing their bottom line cost of attendance.

Please remember that when we determine that no additional spaces are available, all remaining candidates will be notified by e-mail. Unless you hear from Providence College directly, the waiting list is still active.

Note: If you have decided not to remain on the Providence College waiting list, please respond to admission@providence.edu so that we can remove your application from further consideration.

Waiting List Update #2 (2015)

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Waiting List Update #1 (2015)

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