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Visiting PC This Summer

Harkins Hall, Providence College

As we near the end of June, our summer campus visit season is kicking into full swing. Many families will ask us about visiting during the the summer vs. the school year, so let’s take a look at summer visits here at PC.

First, there are three different visit options available:

If you’re thinking of visiting, which one should you choose?

For first-time visitors who have a 2- to 2-1/2 hour window to spend on campus, the combination of the Group Information Session and Campus Tour is the best introduction to PC. The 45 minute information session includes presentations from both an admission counselor and a current student, and will give you an overview of the College, academic and student life, and the admission and financial aid processes. A student-led walking tour of campus immediately follows the session, and this portion of the visit lasts for about 60-75 minutes.

For families that don’t have as much time available to spend on campus but still want to visit this summer, the Campus Tour Only (without the Group Information Session) might be the best option. The 60-75 minute tour of campus still will provide an introduction to PC,  even if you do miss out on some of the information shared during the Group Session. All tours (with or without the Group Session) will take you inside of academic facilities, a residence hall and room, dining halls, the Phillips Memorial Library, St. Dominic Chapel, athletic facilities, and our student center.

The Personal Interview is open to any rising high school senior (meaning you’ll be a senior this fall!), and we’ll meet with students who range from first-time visitors to students who have already been to campus two and three different times. Some students want to “do it all” on their first visit – interview, information session, and tour, and this is certainly a possibility. If you’d prefer to get a sense of the campus before scheduling an interview (which are not required as part of the admission process at PC, by the way), interviews are also available to high school seniors in the fall.


All in all, the summer is a great time to make an initial visit to campus, or to follow up a spring visit by scheduling an interview. The campus itself is beautiful in the summer, you can explore at a more leisurely pace, and it tends to be easier to get a parking space close to the Office of Admission! And for many families, summer visits simply work best due to busy schedules during the academic year. However…

Remember that the campus has a different “feel” to it during the summer months than it does when classes are in session. So, if you enjoy your visit to PC this summer, I encourage you to come back again this fall and see campus “in action” when the students have returned from summer break. If you attend an information session and/or go on a tour this summer, take the opportunity for a more in-depth visit in the fall, like our Day in Friartown shadowing program. And, most importantly, whenever you visit, try to take some time to explore on your own, after the official tour has ended. Poke your head in some classrooms, chat up some current students in the dining hall, spend some time off campus in the city of Providence… the more time you can spend here, and the more people you can talk to, the better sense you’ll have of whether PC is truly the right fit for you.

Safe travels!

Providence College Traditions

Traditions that make us PC

The latest issue of Providence College Magazine highlights some of the many traditions that make Providence College, well, Providence College.

From beanies on our heads to rings on our fingers, from intramural competitions to Civ screams, from the foundation of the BIG EAST Conference to the Last Chance Mass — take a look at the customs and practices that have united Friars for almost a century.

It’s a great read!

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