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Don’t Forget to Pack!

Amanda Talbot croppedGUEST BLOGGER:

Amanda Talbot ’15, student intern, Office of Student Activities-Involvement-Leadership, Providence College.  Amanda is from Newtown, Connecticut and is currently studying management and theatre.  Her favorite color is yellow and she loves her pit bull/boxer mix named Tyson.  Amanda is involved in PCTV as well as Student Congress on campus.  She is looking forward to serving as an Orientation Leader for the upcoming Orientation program for the new Friar Class of 2018 this fall!
Dear Class of 2018,

We do not want to completely exhaust you with welcomes, but here in the S.A.I.L. Office, we just can’t help ourselves!  We were delighted to meet most of you last month during advising days and are counting the hours until you all return to start your first year at Providence College.

Now, like any good student, we are sure that you (or at least maybe your parents) have begun thinking about what on earth a college freshman may need for his or her first year!  If you have stood wonder-struck in the middle of a Bed, Bath and Beyond, you are not alone!  As veterans of the college life, the 2014 Orientation Team has put together a comprehensive list of freshman must-haves to ensure a successful first year of college!

In Your Dorm:

“Pillows.  Believe me!” – Reim ‘17

“Multiple bed sheets” – Ailyn ‘16

“A mattress pad for your bed!” – Megan ‘17

“Bed raisers so you can have extra storage under your bed” – Vince ‘15

“Posters and pictures for your dorm wall” – George ‘15

“A fan” – John ‘15

“Cleaning supplies. Three years in and I still don’t have a broom I can use to clean my apartment!” – Amanda ‘15

Get excited! This is your chance to completely redo your living and sleeping experience – so keep that in mind!  College students NEED SLEEP, so make sure you are creating a comfortable, personal and clean zone that you (and your roommates!) can be happy in.

On your Person:

“A rain jacket and waterproof boots” – Bobby ‘15

“Snow gear for the crazy Rhode Island weather!” – Katcy ‘16

“Shower Shoes” – Eric ‘16

“Slippers” – Colleen ‘15

“Plenty of gym clothes for ‘fake gym days’” – Alexa ‘15

“Extra socks and underwear because they will disappear in the wash” – John ‘16

If you aren’t from Rhode Island, welcome, we’ve got great schools, amazing history and yes, crazy weather!  Dress appropriately!  Our most overwhelming piece of advice from the team included packing for crummy weather.  Off-hand, we would also suggest downloading a few different weather apps on your phone!

In the Medicine Cabinet:

“Toothpaste” – Timothy ‘16

“Advil” – Mary ‘16

“A first aid kit” – Tayler ‘17

“Buy Flintstone vitamin gummies!” – Matt ‘15

These are all things you use all the time but forget that you need.  When you get to college, you won’t have your mom’s Johnson and Johnson first-aid kit handy – so we suggest taking a trip to CVS and making your own!

On Your Desk:

“Phone and computer chargers.” – Ellen ‘15

“An Ethernet cord” – Bianca ‘16

“Headphones with a microphone so you can multi-task, and a warm blanket and body pillow” – Ryan ‘15

“A good set of headphones for Slavin and the library” – AJ ‘16

“A camera” – Ana ‘16

“School supplies” – Danielle ‘15

“Sport stuff to play with outside when the weather is nice” – Catherine ‘15

Yes, these may all seem obvious, but if they are listed here that means someone has forgotten them somewhere! Funny as it is, many students get so wrapped up in what housing things are needed, that they forget that they need some actual stuff for school too! Go ahead and dust off your Target school list from high school and grab some folders and pens!

In The “Kitchen”

“Plenty of snacks!” – Michael ‘17

“Spoons. The first week of school I couldn’t eat my yogurt in my room!” – Emily ‘16

“A reusable water bottle. We have tons of ‘hydration stations’ on campus to fill them up.  Plus, it’s one less heavy thing to carry on move-in day” – Kelly ‘16

“Students should not forget to bring tissues (for the sniffles), real food (NOT just Easy Mac) and a stapler (so that their first essay isn’t held together by folded corners)” – Brittany M. ‘16

It’s true, you won’t have a kitchen your first year at school, but you can have a mini-fridge!  Bring some snacks and a treat from home for a late night snack.  Even though Alumni cafeteria closes at midnight, some students may need brain food later than that!

A Few Extra Thoughts

“THEIR PC ID!!!” – Emily ‘15

“Your retainer (if you wear one) because you will suffer when you have to put it back in” – Katie ‘15

“Don’t forget to bring a stress-ball.  College can get intense.” – Sean ‘15

“An open mind” – Brianna ’15

“A positive attitude” – Skyler ‘17

A few miscellaneous but important things!  Your ID is the most important thing you own at PC, so don’t leave it on your dresser at home!

So, there’s a list of some of the most important things to bring to Providence College from PC students! Happy shopping and we will see you in the Fall!

June Advising Days

Orientation insta14A great big “THANK YOU” to the members of the Class of 2018 and their families who were able to join us for the June Advising & Registration Days/Parent Orientation programs! We in the SAIL Office truly hope that you enjoyed your time on campus, made some connections with other students and families, and had many of your questions about joining the PC community answered.

Those students and guests who participated in the program should have received an email from me yesterday with some questions about your experience with the program. (Students: check your Friars email account!) Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback, so that we may improve our programs in the future. Feel free to also leave us any comments or further questions below!

Keep your eyes open this summer for information regarding Fall Orientation (and for those unable to attend in June, regarding our August 27th Advising & Registration Day).

We look forward to seeing you all on campus again soon!

The Orientation Countdown is on…!

student picsGUEST BLOGGERS:

(At left) Shanice DaSilva ’15, student office assistant, Office of Student Activities-Involvement-Leadership, Providence College. Shanice is from Marion, Massachusetts, and is currently studying sociology and women’s studies. She enjoys working out at the Concannon Fitness Center, and serving as a resident assistant on campus. She is excited to be assisting with Orientation for the new Friar Class of 2018 this summer!

(At right) Kate Hill ’15, student office assistant, Office of Student Activities-Involvement-Leadership, Providence College.  Kate hails from Mansfield, Massachusetts and is majoring in applied physics as part of the Pre-Engineering Program (with a minor in math). She is a third generation Friar, and is enjoying her summer preparing for the Class of 2018’s Orientation!

End of the school year senior activities, finals week, prom, and graduating from high school – WOW! What a lot of fun, memories and accomplishments! Congratulations on making it through high school and graduating as a member of the Class of 2014!

You have an enormous amount to look forward to here at Providence College, and we’re so excited to have you as part of our Friar family.  Here are a few tips to keep you sane and to help prepare you for your Orientation Advising & Registration Day:

  • Register for orientation on our website if you haven’t done so yet! Simply click the “Register Now” button on the right hand side of the page and fill in a little information about yourself and any guests planning to attend with you.
  • Fill out all necessary forms (and bring them with you to your Advising Day)!
  • Make sure you’re healthy! Schedule a physical with your physician if you yet to do so this year, and don’t forget to complete your health insurance waiver if you have your own insurance plan already.
  • Take the Math and Foreign Language placement exams if you have yet to do so. Check out your Orientation mailing for more info.
  • Upload a photo for your student ID card. Instuctions are also listed in your Orientation mailing. Or, if you prefer, you can have one taken the morning of your Advising & Registration Day.
  • Look into some of the great pre-orientation programs (including FaithWorks and Urban Action) and fall semester retreats (such as Horizons, Transformations and Connections). They’re a lot of fun and a great way to meet new students!
  • Sign up for EBill notifications – for your family to view and pay tuition bills and housing deposits online.
  • Don’t forget to bring your Technology Resources card (included in the envelope inside your Orientation mailing) to your Advising day! You’ll need that info to register for classes.
  • Check out this brief video tutorial to learn how logging into CyberFriar works prior to registering for classes.
  • Be open to meeting new people and get excited to start your college career! You never know who could end up in your Civ class or living on your floor!

We’re here to help you through the process and make your transition to college as easy as it can be. Please feel free to leave a question or comment below, or to call our office at 401.865.2211.

Can’t wait to meet you in June!

And as always, GO FRIARS!


It’s always an exciting time of year when Orientation Staff training begins – their enthusiasm is infectious (even at 10am on a Sunday)!

This year’s staff of 90 student leaders is on a mission to welcome the Class of 2018 in a big way, and they need your help!

Share a photo/message to PC’s Class of 2018 on Instagram or Twitter, with the hashtags #welcomepc2018 and #pc2018. Tag @pcsailoffice, and your creative photo submission could help you take home a $25 gift card to LaSalle Bakery!

Members of PC’s 2014 Orientation Staff kick off the #welcomepc2018 campaign at Spring Training

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