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June Advising Days

Orientation insta14A great big “THANK YOU” to the members of the Class of 2018 and their families who were able to join us for the June Advising & Registration Days/Parent Orientation programs! We in the SAIL Office truly hope that you enjoyed your time on campus, made some connections with other students and families, and had many of your questions about joining the PC community answered.

Those students and guests who participated in the program should have received an email from me yesterday with some questions about your experience with the program. (Students: check your Friars email account!) Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback, so that we may improve our programs in the future. Feel free to also leave us any comments or further questions below!

Keep your eyes open this summer for information regarding Fall Orientation (and for those unable to attend in June, regarding our August 27th Advising & Registration Day).

We look forward to seeing you all on campus again soon!

The Orientation Countdown is on…!

student picsGUEST BLOGGERS:

(At left) Shanice DaSilva ’15, student office assistant, Office of Student Activities-Involvement-Leadership, Providence College. Shanice is from Marion, Massachusetts, and is currently studying sociology and women’s studies. She enjoys working out at the Concannon Fitness Center, and serving as a resident assistant on campus. She is excited to be assisting with Orientation for the new Friar Class of 2018 this summer!

(At right) Kate Hill ’15, student office assistant, Office of Student Activities-Involvement-Leadership, Providence College.  Kate hails from Mansfield, Massachusetts and is majoring in applied physics as part of the Pre-Engineering Program (with a minor in math). She is a third generation Friar, and is enjoying her summer preparing for the Class of 2018’s Orientation!

End of the school year senior activities, finals week, prom, and graduating from high school – WOW! What a lot of fun, memories and accomplishments! Congratulations on making it through high school and graduating as a member of the Class of 2014!

You have an enormous amount to look forward to here at Providence College, and we’re so excited to have you as part of our Friar family.  Here are a few tips to keep you sane and to help prepare you for your Orientation Advising & Registration Day:

  • Register for orientation on our website if you haven’t done so yet! Simply click the “Register Now” button on the right hand side of the page and fill in a little information about yourself and any guests planning to attend with you.
  • Fill out all necessary forms (and bring them with you to your Advising Day)!
  • Make sure you’re healthy! Schedule a physical with your physician if you yet to do so this year, and don’t forget to complete your health insurance waiver if you have your own insurance plan already.
  • Take the Math and Foreign Language placement exams if you have yet to do so. Check out your Orientation mailing for more info.
  • Upload a photo for your student ID card. Instuctions are also listed in your Orientation mailing. Or, if you prefer, you can have one taken the morning of your Advising & Registration Day.
  • Look into some of the great pre-orientation programs (including FaithWorks and Urban Action) and fall semester retreats (such as Horizons, Transformations and Connections). They’re a lot of fun and a great way to meet new students!
  • Sign up for EBill notifications – for your family to view and pay tuition bills and housing deposits online.
  • Don’t forget to bring your Technology Resources card (included in the envelope inside your Orientation mailing) to your Advising day! You’ll need that info to register for classes.
  • Check out this brief video tutorial to learn how logging into CyberFriar works prior to registering for classes.
  • Be open to meeting new people and get excited to start your college career! You never know who could end up in your Civ class or living on your floor!

We’re here to help you through the process and make your transition to college as easy as it can be. Please feel free to leave a question or comment below, or to call our office at 401.865.2211.

Can’t wait to meet you in June!

And as always, GO FRIARS!

14 Things to Get Excited About as PC Grads


(At left) Alexandra Fallone ’13 & ’15G, graduate assistant, Office of Student Activities-Involvement-Leadership, Providence College. Alex graduated last spring with a B.A. in Art History, and is currently working toward an M.A. in Theology. She hails from Roosevelt Island, New York, and is one of four Fallones in her immediate family to attend PC.

(At middle) Michelle Grupinski ’12 & ’14 G, graduate assistant, Office of Student Activities-Involvement-Leadership, Providence College. Michelle completed her undergraduate studies in 2012 with a B.A. in English/Secondary Education, and will graduate this weekend with an M.Ed. in Counseling. She came to PC from Lake Ronkonkoma, New York, and can’t get enough of her puppy, Huxley (the Office’s unofficial mascot).

(At right) Kate James ’13 & ’15G, graduate assistant, Office of Student Activities-Involvement-Leadership, Providence College. Kate graduated from PC last spring with a B.A. in English, and is currently pursuing an M.Ed. in Counseling. She grew up in Somerset, New Jersey, and still misses PC Perk.

Having been through PC’s Commencement Week ourselves, we know just how awesome/sad it can truly be. So to cheer all you soon-to-be graduates up, here’s a list of things to get excited about for the future:

  1. Finally understanding the magnificence that is Alumni Weekend
  2. Coming back to visit and seeing just how much campus has transformed
  3. Reuniting with a fellow Friar in your new “home”
  4. Still honoring PC traditions – like weekly chicken nugget day
  5. No more waiting in humongous lines for Dunkin’ Donuts
  6. Reconvening at alumni events in Boston, New York, DC, etc…
  7. Placing bets on which of your friends will be the first to marry at St. Dominic Chapel
  8. No more losing flip flops in the “Huxley River” on rainy days
  9. Using your alumni status to bond with strangers wearing Friar gear in random places
  10. Telling undergrads and prospective students that you meet how campus used to look
  11. Taking a foodie tour of all your favorite RI eats when you visit Providence
  12. Wearing all those free PC t-shirts to a new gym (which just can’t compare to Concannon)
  13. Knowing that when you return to campus, there will still be lunch ladies, security guards, faculty and staff who know your name
  14. Being a Friar forever

Congratulations, Class of 2014! (And welcome to the club!)

Student Leader of the Month: Taiwo Adefiyiju ’14

TaiwoName: Taiwo Adefiyiju ’14

Major/Minor: Health Policy and Management/Public and Community Service Studies

Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island

Campus Involvement: President of African American Society; director of Step-Up Mentoring Program; resident assistant; student representative on Board of Trustees; member of Organization of Latin American Students and Board of Multicultural Student Affairs

Describe a highlight of your leadership/involvement at PC: “Introducing Father Shanley at the St. Dominic Weekend President’s Dinner.”

What’s one lesson you’ve learned as a student leader at PC? “That giving up is not an option. Nothing comes easy in life, because if so, you will never have anything to look forward to. While times may get rough, I have learned that, ‘with success, sometimes follows stress’!”

What advice would you give to freshmen and sophomores looking to be leaders on campus? “You should always take advantage of the resources on campus, because they are all there support us and to help us strive towards success.”

What do you hope to achieve as a student leader prior to graduation? “Creating more student leaders on campus. I believe a true leader creates more leaders rather than attaining many followers.”

What are your post-graduation plans? “I will be pursing a Master’s degree in Higher Education at Loyola University in Chicago.”

Favorite fictional leader: “Wonder Woman – because I am always wondering how I can support my peers, while pushing them to strive for nothing less than their best.”

Favorite “real life” leader: ”My twin brother, Kenny, because he and I share the same vision of striving for success. While Kenny and I decided to part ways after attending the same school from elementary through high school, he never stopped pushing me to be better than the best. For that, I cannot thank him enough.”

Favorite leadership quote: “Good better best, Never let it rest, Until the good gets better, and the better is best!”  - Tim Duncan

Congratulations, Taiwo, and best of luck to you!

To nominate a PC student you know for “Student Leader of the Month,” please click here.

Officer Transition 101

changeAs the spring semester comes quickly to a close, graduating officers of campus clubs and organizations should not waste the opportunity to properly train incoming executive board leaders. A smooth transition in leadership is key to the consistency and growth of any group.

Proper officer transition takes time, but with just a little effort, you can leave your club or organization prepared for the upcoming academic year. The following tips should help outgoing leaders prepare and complete the officer transition process:

Transition is a Two-Way Street
To begin, make sure that both the outgoing and incoming leaders understand that it is the responsibility of all involved parties to maintain the well-being of the organization. All leaders have to be involved and invested in the transition process for it to succeed.

Put it in Writing
Create a binder that can be updated each year as needed with information about:

  • the group, including member rosters, its mission and constitution
  • events, including proposals, what worked and what didn’t, invoices, and new event ideas
  • officer selection and descriptions of leadership positions
  • budget proposal information, copies of monthly financial reports, and organization/account number information for your new treasurer
  • an end of the year report, including goals and accomplishments
  • resources (both on and off campus)
  • yearly calendar of approximate deadlines and events
  • campus policies/procedures
  • contact info for outgoing leaders

Make sure to keep your binder in a safe, dry place!

Get Organized
Be sure to leave the group as organized and ready to go as possible. If you have a club office, organize supplies and do some “spring cleaning” before departing for the year.

Meet Face-to-Face
Discuss the responsibilities of each leadership role, membership recruitment and retention, meeting structure, and regular tasks to be done with new leaders. Talk about past goals – both completed and uncompleted – and brainstorm goals for the future. Let the new leaders know all the things you wish someone had told you before you began your term as a leader!

Involve Your Advisor
Make sure the incoming leaders of your group meet with your club or organization’s advisor to introduce themselves, discuss expectations, and begin planning for the next year. If you do not have an advisor or need to select a new one, now is the time!

Share Commitments
Be sure to inform new leaders of any commitments that have been made for the next academic year, including co-sponsorships or projects that are still in process.

Now’s the Time to Reflect
Take a little time to reflect on your term(s) as a student leader, celebrate the accomplishments you experienced as a group, and what great things are yet to come!

Wishing you all a successful transition!

Mission: Student Recognition

Know a student leader, club/organization, or student-run event that deserves recognition?

Today’s your LAST CHANCE to submit a 2014 Student Recognition Program nomination!

Honors include:

Individual Awards: Emerging Leader Award, Unsung Hero Award, Service Leader of the Year Award, Student Leader of the Year Award, Advisor of the Year Award, Leaving a Legacy Award

Event Awards: Outstanding Event Award, Outstanding Service Project Award, Outstanding Multicultural Program Award, Outstanding New Event Award, Most Successful Fundraiser Award

Organization Awards: Outstanding Organization Award, Outstanding New Organization Award, Outstanding Media Organization Award, Outstanding Performance Organization Award, Outstanding Athletic Organization Award, Club Spirit Award, Most Improved Organization Award

Nominees and winners will be honored at the 19th annual Student Recognition Ceremony & Dinner on Thursday, May 1st.

Click here for nomination materials and more information about the program, sponsored annually by the SAIL Office, Student Congress, and Institutional Advancement.


It’s always an exciting time of year when Orientation Staff training begins – their enthusiasm is infectious (even at 10am on a Sunday)!

This year’s staff of 90 student leaders is on a mission to welcome the Class of 2018 in a big way, and they need your help!

Share a photo/message to PC’s Class of 2018 on Instagram or Twitter, with the hashtags #welcomepc2018 and #pc2018. Tag @pcsailoffice, and your creative photo submission could help you take home a $25 gift card to LaSalle Bakery!

Members of PC’s 2014 Orientation Staff kick off the #welcomepc2018 campaign at Spring Training

Student Leader of the Month: Mary Alice Sallah ’14

Mary Alice SallahName: Mary Alice Sallah ’14

Major/Minor: Mathematics/Computer Science

Hometown: Hopewell Junction, NY

Campus Involvement: Executive Treasurer of Student Congress; tutor through the Department of Mathematics; Dance Club member

Describe a highlight of your leadership/involvement at PC: “The best part of being involved at Providence College is meeting so many incredible people. I’m in a great position to work with students, faculty, staff, and the administration, and it’s been an honor to have this experience.”

What’s one lesson you’ve learned as a student leader at PC? “I’ve learned that every event and change on campus takes a lot of thought, work, and collaboration; however, it’s always worth it to see how much students can do for their school!”

What advice would you give to freshmen and sophomores looking to be leaders on campus? “Don’t be afraid to try new things, and don’t be discouraged if you don’t get (something) the first time – perseverance is key! There are so many great opportunities on this campus you don’t want to miss! ”

What leader has influenced you the most, and why/how? “I’ve been most influenced by Condoleezza Rice. She’s a strong role model to show what one can accomplish with dedication and persistence.”

What do you hope to achieve as a student leader prior to graduation? “I hope  to continue to build communication among clubs at Providence College, to help prepare the next leaders for a successful upcoming year!”

Favorite fictional leader: Albus Dumbledore

Favorite leadership quote: “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

Congratulations, Mary Alice!

To nominate a PC student you know for “Student Leader of the Month,” please click here.

Student Leadership & Your Resume

resume-picEarlier today, the SAIL Office joined forces with Stacey Moulton from PC’s Career Education Center, for a workshop entitled “Student Leadership & Your Resume.”

Being the spring semester, I know that many of you students out there are searching for summer internships and jobs, applying for campus leadership positions, or – sorry to be bringing this up, seniors – searching for post-graduation employment. Here are some tips from today’s presentation which may be helpful to anyone struggling with how to maximize their campus involvement on paper:

The Six Second Rule
Recruiters only spend about six seconds taking a first glance at each resume, so make sure your formatting makes a good first impression! Though things like name, address, phone, and email should always be at the top of your resume, the rest of the design is really up to you. Commonly used headings include “leadership”, “activities”, “experience”, or “skills”. Check out the Career Center’s Resume & Cover Letter Guide for ideas and samples you can use!

Don’t Sell Yourself Short
Your student involvement means something more than just making friends and eating free pizza at events! Tasks you’ve taken on as a club or organization member, such as planning a major event, mediating conflict within your organization, or communicating with faculty and alumni, can prove to be transferable skills. Don’t forget that!

You Can’t Tell a Story…
But you can still include a lot on one sheet of paper! Summarize any co-curricular experience you feel is important by identifying action words and creating a bullet point or two to describe the associated tasks. (The “Guide” referenced above also includes a list of commonly used action words!)

Connect the Dots
Look closely at a job description or application form for keywords or phrases describing the responsibilities associated with any student leadership position. Then customize your resume (and cover letter, if applicable) to prove that your qualifications make you a strong candidate.

One final piece of advice: Aside from your resume, don’t forget to include your student involvement on your LinkedIn profile. According to Stacey, many alum and employers find connections with candidates who share similar student involvement, interests, etc…

For more info on how to best utilize your student involvement experience in the job search – or for the answers to many other career-related questions – please visit the Career Education Center in Slavin 108, or check out their blog.


Student Events Calendar!

When planning campus events, there are a number of details that need to be completed in order to hopefully achieve success.  An event idea, event proposal form, reservations, entertainment, budget planning and food are just a few.  None are more important than the marketing strategy.  If people do not know about an event, how can we expect them to show up?

Once a concept for an event is approved and a space is reserved, the marketing strategy is actually being put into action without the sponsor even knowing it!  (Well until now hopefully…)  Facebook, Twitter, SAIL Digest, SAIL MAIL Tabletents, Access PC (Channel 87), The Cowl, and posters are some of the many ways that should be used to market a campus event but as soon as an event is confirmed by the Central Reservations office, the event has been added to multiple campus-wide event web calendars.  Thanks to technology (and our very own PC Web Services team), we are able to filter calendars in a way to hopefully suit our student’s needs.  This is where you, PC students, come in…

Welcome to our Student Clubs and Organizations Events Calendar!

This calendar hosts a comprehensive list of every approved club, organization, BOMA, McPhail’s, Rec Sports and SAIL Office sponsored events.  Here you can get a 2 week glimpse of what is happening on campus with day to day details.  Each event is listed on the day it is scheduled to occur with the time listed as well.  When placing your mouse over the event title, a description of the event will appear.  It’s a just quick look at the event description, date, time and location.  That might be all you need to know.  If not, for more info on the event, just simply click on the title!  From there your options are endless!

Some options are:
1.    Add to My Calendar - which allows you to add the event to your Yahoo!, Microsoft Outlook, Windows, Google, or Apple iCal calendar!  (If you do not use any of these types of calendars, you can always email the info to yourself or download it to your computer.)
2.    Forward to Friends - which allows you to email the details of an event to up to 50 friends at once.
3.    Remind me by email or Remind me by text message – these reminders will send you an email or text at whatever date/time you set it to (ie. 15 minutes to 3 days prior to an event).

Back on the main calendar page, we have put a small monthly calendar in the corner allowing you to jump to any particular date you wish.  (It will also show you the two week period surrounding your chosen date.)  This can be very useful for those who are looking to plan events in the near future.  For those looking for a particular event, you can easily search for the event by title in the Quick Event Search bar.  Searches can be filtered by location or sponsor as well.  For instance, the calendar can be filtered to show you all of BOP’s events, or what events are happening in a specific location (ie. ’64 Hall, Mural Lounge, McPhail’s, etc).  Just type in the sponsor’s name or the location.

For those who like having a paper calendar, the PRINT option is quite useful and will print the 2 week calendar (or your desired filtered calendar) in a print-friendly format.

Other options on the main page are listed under the SUBSCRIBE feature where you can sign up for a Weekly email (similar to the SAIL Digest), an RSS Feed or Atom Feed.  There is a quick link to iCAL as well.

The last few options on the main page are quick ways to do some of the same things previously mentioned (add events to your calendar, remind you by email or text).  It’s just a little quicker – and you can choose multiple events at once!  Simply click the small box next to the event(s) you are interested in.  Choose as many as you would like.  Then click on the Add to My Calendar, Remind Me By Email buttons or choose an option from the drop down menu.  The calendar will set up your desired requests for all of your chosen events all at once.  It’s that simple to stay connected to what’s happening on your campus.

Here is the link.  Now get started!  Student Clubs and Organizations Events Calendar

And check back often as the calendar will be updated daily with every confirmed event!

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