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newspaperNeed information from the day’s headlines, historical events as they happened, moment to moment political statements, then connect to our library web page (http://bit.ly/PCNewspapers) and search a number of online newspapers, current and historical, dating back to 1851.  Read about the events and how they unfolded each day from some of the world’s renowned newspapers writers of our time.   View historical content within the framework of a time in history or a remote location where reporters and news media seek out facts and stories that keep you in touch with your world.     Check out our resources in ProQuest Historical Newspapers, Newspapers Source Plus, New York Times, Boston Globe, Providence Journal, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post.   Be informed and be aware.

Rebecca Ramos Natural History Book Collection

Special Collections has a new and exciting exhibit that will appeal to nature lovers; The Rebecca Ramos Natural History Book Collection.   Within the display cases are a few samples of the nearly one hundred titles in the collection of lovely illustrations of America’s 19th century nature artists, for example, The Birds of New England author Edward A. Samuels and Beautiful Butterflies author H. G. Adams, published in 1870.

The display, which is open to the public,  is located next to the “pit”on the first floor in the Phillips Memorial Library.


Information Literacy Month!

For the second year in a row, October is Rhode Island Information Literacy Month!  Last year, some intrepid librarians got Governor Lincoln Chafee to sign a proclamation officially declaring: Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.35.21 AM

  1. Information literacy provides the tools and skills to find, evaluate and use credible sources.
  2. The ability to find, decipher and analyze different forms of information is a key component of effective decision making
  3. Information literacy is a critical part of education.
  4. Using information acquired through technology…promotes and engaged and informed citizenry

These are skills that are not only crucial to being a successful college student, but also to being a successful and productive member of society.  Far too many students are leaving college with lackluster information literacy skills, and find themselves unable to secure meaningful employment.

We thank Governor Chafee for recognizing these crucial skills!

If you worry that your skills are lacking, do not hesitate to contact a librarian!  Librarians are the mavens of information, and we are always here to help PC students learn and grow as researchers.



Banned Books Week! Sept 21 – Sept 27 2014



In honor of Banned Books Week, we’d like to list  the  books which are currently banned by the Staff here at Phillips Memorial Library:


See what we did there? There’s nothing in the list! BECAUSE WE DON’T BAN BOOKS!!!! What a crazy idea! However, there is indeed a Banned Books Week every year. That’s because there are still places right here in America where books are targeted and removed from shelves. We’re asking you to fight back for your (and everyone else’s) right to  intellectual freedom, and pick a banned book to read! Here is a list you can choose from.

If you visit the Library this week, you can check out (literally!) our own list of books that have been banned over the years. Just reach over the CAUTION tape, and get one!





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Welcome Back!!

We missed the last ferry back from our summer vacay to Pythonia, so we’re still getting caught up from the first day frenzy! The first week of the semester can be daunting. We are here to help with everything from using your PC Prints account for the first time to downloading a PC Prints driver from your Macbook or Windows laptop. finding a book in our Rapoza Textbook collection.  We’re open until 2am Sundays – Thursdays and 24 hours during final exams.  We even have a help desk in the lower level of the library staffed by your fellow students!  Too busy to stop in this week but have a question? Text us at 401.484.7004 or email us at askalibrarian.lists.providence.edu. We also have some new technology in the library:Welcome back!!


All Quiet on the Library Front – Happy 4th of July weekend!

Anyone who regularly visits the Library during the regular semester can attest to the fact that sometimes there are no empty seats available. Students with backpacks, papers, laptop computers and mobile devices are either crammed together in a study group, or spread out with all of thier belongings taking up the maximum surface area possible.

But the summer semester is different. We still field lots of questions and help out with student and faculty research, but most of the inquiries are by phone or text.

The Library has a different feel to it, starting in June. There’s room to study and reflect.

You can have your choice of tables on the First Floor.

You can have your choice of tables on the First Floor.

The New Book area -  now a Quiet Zone for sure.

The New Book area – now a Quiet Zone for sure.


The computers on the 2nd floor, usually all in use. Pick one!
The computers on the 2nd floor, usually all in use. Pick one!

 We know it won’t stay this way forever – Fall will be here before you know it! So enjoy this holiday weekend!

Club Phil welcomes the class of 2018!

Come visit our table at the Orientation Resource Fairs.  They take place in the basement of Slavin Hall June 17 – 25 between 8am-9:15am.  We will be available for any questions you might have and to highlight some of the services offered by the library.


Faculty: It’s Your Turn to Learn!

faculty professional developmentJoin us this week for the Faculty Professional Development Workshops on offer from Instructional Technology and Library. There will be workshops on everything from Sakai Gradebook, VoiceThread training and innovative ways iPads are being used in the classroom to great tips on using multimedia in your courses and making your work life easier with Selected Works, Gobi Alerts, facultyDirect and other great timesavers! Workshops are filling up quickly. Register here: https://cteprovidencecollege.wufoo.com/forms/z1qfgyfn1kh7luz/

Face Your Fears…Return Your Library Books


You are nearly done with exams and papers and thinking about the relaxation and excitement that summer will bring. Before you completely relax, take a look around your dorm or apartment for any library items that need to be returned. If you have racked up some finesnot to worry, any fines for PC books get waived as soon as you return the books. Other schools have other rules, but the first step is returning any books that you have borrowed. You can log in to your library account to see what books you have borrowed.

24 / 7, quiet zones, snack cart…exam essentials at PhilBuzz!

It is final exam time, which means Club Phil is here for you!

Do you need a quiet space to study?  Will you be meeting with your group to put the finishing touches on that project?  We have quiet study spaces, deep quiet study spaces, group areas and more!

11-5-13 QuietZone-ometer

Check out what the library staff at Club Phil are doing!  Here’s what’s going on:

  • 24/7 Hours
  • Research help open late
    • Help is available at the researcHub desk until MIDNIGHT (instead of 10:00pm) from now until the end of finals
  • Snack Cart
    • We’re bringing the treats to you this year with a mobile Snack Cart loaded with FREE goodies donated by library staff members.  The Snack Cart will be making the rounds on Tuesday May 6th, Wednesday May 7th and Thursday May 8thKeep your eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates as to what time

There will be plenty of time to celebrate once exams are done….


 But for now…



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