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Forever a Friar

Last week was a whirlwind of fun, emotions and reflection.

My junior year concluded with some exciting news – I have been chosen to serve as Secretary of Campus Ministry Council for the upcoming year!  As Campus Ministry has been such a huge part of my life the past three years and it will always be near and dear to my heart, I feel both honored and excited to have this new role.  Last week was Spring Training for the members of Campus Ministry Council so, in addition to learning about our positions in Campus Ministry, we also had an opportunity to get to know one another.  I feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing group!

Last week was also Senior Week at PC and, although I was not yet a senior, many of my friends, including my roommates, were seniors, so I was able to take part in the festivities with them.  The week began with Club Night at Dave & Busters in downtown Providence with everyone dressed in cocktail attire enjoying the arcade games and dancing the night away.  There was also a Formal Night later in the week, held at Foxwoods in Connecticut which included a sit-down dinner, a photo-booth and, of course, lots of dancing.  It was an absolute blast and I was so happy to have had the chance to spend this time with my friends before they graduated.

my roommates and I in front of the grotto before boarding the bus to go to formal night (nicole, ealish, laura, me)

My roommates and me in the grotto before formal night (from left to right – Nicole, Ealish, Laura and me).

our whole group in front of Harkins with our chaplain, Father Cuddy

Our whole group in front of Harkins Hall with our chaplain, Father Cuddy.

And, of course, Senior Week concluded with Commencement.  I did not attend the actual ceremony, but I did go to the Academic Awards Ceremony and Commencement Mass PC offered for the graduating class.

my beautiful roommates donning their caps and gowns...so proud of them!

My beautiful roommates donning their caps and gowns!

Meghan, Amanda (congrats!), Kerry, Meredith and me

Meghan, Amanda (congrats!), Kerry, Meredith and me.

While last week was packed with incredible memories and was without question one of the highlights of my time at PC thus far, it was also extremely bittersweet.  It was difficult saying goodbye to amazing people who have been such a large part of my PC experience, but I know all of them are going on to do wonderful things.  Hearing all of the speeches, talking to all of my graduating friends, listening to all of their plans for next year and their reflection on their time at PC served to reinforce just how wonderful PC is.  Providence College changes you for the better.  It challenges you.  It transforms your mind and your heart.  It gives you the tools to go out and make your impact on the world.  It introduces you to the most incredible people you could ever hope to meet and it gives you a place you will always be able to call home no matter where life takes you.  For some of my friends, it’s the end of their time at PC, but I know the relationships we’ve built will last a lifetime.

As for me, I still have mixed feelings about being a senior.  Part of me wants to ban the word.  Part of me is in denial that I only have one year left.  But part of me still is struggling to contain the excitement for what awaits me in the coming year.  I don’t know where this next year will lead me, but I do know I still have much to look forward to here.

And with that concludes yet another unforgettable year as a member of the Friar Family.  Bring on summer! :-)

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