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Second Week: Done

Believe it or not, tomorrow will mark our third week of classes and, with homework stacking up and meetings underway and work schedules established, everyone is busy busy busy.  The past couple of weeks have definitely kept me occupied.  I started my on-campus job in the Campus Ministry Center, I began my internship downtown, and a few days ago, I had my first meeting to start planning the service immersion trip to New Orleans (NOLA) I will be going on this January!

Of course, I’ve also started my classes and I can honestly say that I am absolutely in love with my schedule this semester.  I’m taking five classes and all of them relate to my Health Policy and Management (HPM) major:

  • Honors Colloquium: Health Care Reform in America – As a student in the Liberal Arts Honors Program, I am required to take at least one colloquium.  Several colloquiums are offered each semester on a variety of topics, and this semester, the colloquium on health care reform was being offered.  Since it’s relevant to my major and I find health care interesting in general, of course I wanted to sign up for it!  Plus, it’s being taught by Dr. Hackey, the head of the HPM Department, and he’s an amazing professor, so I’m happy I got to take a class with him.  It’s a pretty small class of about 15 students.  We meet once a week and discuss our health care system, the recent reform, and other ideas for reform.  Additionally, we’ll have some debates, and Dr. Hackey also invited a few guest speakers to come to our class throughout the semester.  They’re all major figures in health policy, so I’m really looking forward to hearing what they have to say and having the opportunity to ask them questions.
  • Senior Seminar –  This is a class required of every HPM senior.  The theme of this year’s seminar is the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), so over the course of the semester, we’ll be taking a closer look at the legislation and the impact its had on American health care.  We’ll also get to choose our own topic related to the ACA that we will research and, at the end of the semester, we’ll present our findings to the class.
  • Field Experience –  This is also required of every HPM major.  In order to help us apply what we’ve been learning in the classroom, as well as give us an opportunity to build up our resume, we get to complete a semester-long internship in an area of interest to us.  Since I’m leaning towards a career in public health, I’m interning at the Rhode Island Department of Health this semester.  I intern on Mondays and Wednesdays, and then once a week, all of the students who are interning get together to discuss what we’ve been doing at our various placement sites.
  • Special Topics: Safety Net Providers –  Special topics classes are courses that cover a particular topic but aren’t offered every single semester.  The HPM Department is currently offering a special topics course on safety net providers, who are responsible for providing care to those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it, such as low-income people who can’t afford health insurance.  This is also a small class with only 8 people, and its discussion-based.
  • Biomedical Ethics – This is the only class I’m taking that isn’t HPM, but it’s certainly relevant to my major and career goals.  It’s pretty much your basic ethics course with a focus on health care.  The topics we will cover include abortion, human testing, physician-assisted suicide, and also animal rights.

And, because I love sharing pictures, here are some pictures from the past few weeks (I know, a little overdue, sorry!):

midnight walk

I happen to think our campus is the most beautiful thing ever, so expect A LOT of campus pics from me!  Here’s one from one of my nighttime strolls.

Tyler and Brandon

Me with Tyler and Brandon, two of this year’s FaithWorks participants, on Freshman Move-In Day.


Marcie, another FaithWorks participant!

i love you all

A few of my friends and me outside one of the freshman dorms on move-in day.  What a wonderful bunch of people. :-)

This year is off to an amazing start!  I have so much more to share with you all and I will definitely elaborate on some of the things I mentioned in this post throughout the semester, so please stay tuned!  And, as always, if you have questions about anything at all, please don’t hesitate to send them my way!  PC is one of my favorite topics of conversation.  Have a wonderful week. :-)

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