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No Apologies Necessary

Hello all! This is a post for current college students and more specifically, seniors. Taking a break from studying to quickly reflect on the drastic maturing process that occurs between the ages of 17 and 22.. one that I am in the depths of at this very moment.  I sit here studying for anatomy..a class that I never thought I’d be taking, loving, or even excited to attend. However, I find myself as a nearly 22 year old college senior who took 4 years of undergraduate education at a reputable catholic, liberal arts institution to decide that my future dreams lie somewhere beyond the major I chose and the classes I took.

“Wow. That was an expensive 4 years to decide now that you might want to become a nurse.” A woman at my internship last semester said those words to me one day on the elevator and it took quite a while for me to take her comment less as an insult and more as food for thought. Yes, I wish 17 year old me knew in the slightest bit what was ahead. I wish I had a broader sense of all the possible things I could do with my life.  I also wish 17 year old me wouldn’t have spent 10 minutes every morning deciding which illegal, non-dress code abiding sweater I would try to get away with wearing over my uniform. So many things we wish we had known. There is no way to possibly know. When you’re 17 and the fact that you didn’t get voted “best friends” in the yearbook superlatives (still too soon to talk about) is your week’s biggest dilemma, how can you possibly be blamed for not knowing what you want to do every Monday thru Friday for the rest of your life? I won’t apologize for not knowing. What I’ve gained in the past 4 years at PC has given me so much more than some classes that I may not ever need. It has given me countless teachers, courses, lessons and most importantly people skills I may not have gotten elsewhere. I’ve met friends, had experiences, traveled to the most amazing place in the world and matured in a way I never saw coming. So what, I’m deciding now that labor and delivery actually isn’t the most horrifying idea in the world and hospitals aren’t as scary as I always thought. I’m deciding now that I will use my 4 years here to prepare me for what’s to come. For those of you who knew when you were 17, I commend you. However, for the rest of us who are just now trying to figure it out, think of the moments when you are most awake, most intrigued, most curious. When you listen more than you talk, when you ask questions, when you arrive to that one class early and stay late. Whatever makes you do all those things, well, do that. And don’t be sorry for just now finding out.


  1. Very well stated! As a seasoned nurse to a future nurse — an early welcome to a wonderful profession! The critical thinking skills you have honed at PC will serve you well. Best of luck as you continue your journey!

  2. What a information of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious knowledge regarding unexpected emotions.

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