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Friars Club: A Big Thanks


Hello, blog world! Meet one of my good friends, Gerry (the kid in the white jacket), a senior classmate of mine. As I sat in the library at around 10 AM Tuesday morning, I was immediately drawn to Gerry’s hands signaling to the basement and upstairs levels of the library  saying “Yup! 3 floors of this!” Little faces and matching high voices asked him question after question and gazed quietly at the tables full of studying students. I found myself immediately mesmerized by the way Gerry was handling himself and how all of the members of Friars Club do. PC’s Friar’s Club is one of the college’s oldest campus clubs and its members are best known for giving tours of campus to prospective students, parents and even young kids who have college dreams in sight. You can always spot a Friar by their white jacket and poised attitude. One of my biggest regrets at PC? Not taking an official Friars Club tour of the school prior to coming here. Let’s be serious, I was sold as soon as my good friend from home showed me around campus, but looking back now I would have loved to hear the stories and interesting facts that these Friars have to share. Having met and become close friends with a handful of Friars in the past few years, I can say that they are some of the most well-rounded and outgoing students on campus. To listen to one of them give small insights and tips to incoming students? What I’d give to go back and sign up for a tour…

Regardless of the tour recipients, whether concerned parents or 6th graders who are just amazed by this place we call “home”, members of Friars Club personalize each tour to make it enjoyable and informative. Gerry, your enthusiasm was contagious and students at other tables in the library were so impressed at the way you handled this tour, one needing a little more flexibility than usual. A librarian asked Gerry and the group of students for a picture. She said, “Ready, on 3, everybody say ‘Be quiet in the library!'” In quite the opposite tone, the voices repeated the phrase and drew attention from stressed students who loved nothing more than to hear these tiny voices bring some light to their days. It is moments like these when I realize certain members of this campus community go far beyond the call of duty and are not recognized nearly enough. From giving campus tours to ushering hockey games and from coordinating alumni events to wearing the well-known white jacket proudly, this 70+ member campus club is one so very symbolic of the PC energy.  For many years, Friars Club has served PC in so many different ways and has worked to attract such incredible young people to our campus. For that, I thank them. I thank these Friars for surrounding me with these amazing students and for showing future minds like the one pictured above what is in store for them someday. Keep it up, Friars Club!

Check out more on PC Friar’s Club here.


  1. You Gotta Love the organizations that inspire love and enthusiasm for all things that deserve attention. The Friar’s Club does just that for Providence and people like Gerry who are the volunteer ambassoadors. Gerry is one does not take his presence at Providence for granted by any means. We should all take a lesson….embrace your passion…let your passion be known…and never forget what is does/has done for you! Thank you Erin for acting upon a special moment!

  2. They were really doing a good job up to now and that was amazing.I am now a call center and it is a great thing that i heard a lot about this club for making student happy cause we all know that many student love having tour and really big thanks to this club.

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