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2016 MediaHub Updates

MHBWIf you have not yet heard or made use of the Phillips Memorial Library+Commons’ MediaHub, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the space and what it has to offer. The MediaHub is a multimedia center located on the first floor of the library, which aims to assist and inspire Providence College’s students, faculty, staff in their digital media-inclusive work. Stationary equipment is located within the space and loanable equipment is available upon request from the Circulation Desk, located next to the library’s front entrance. Specialized assistance is available from the Digital Publishing Services Lab.

Static equipment includes five high-end iMac computers, equipped with a variety of media hardware and software, including iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Audacity, Lynda.com, and GarageBand; three lockboxes for equipment with plexiglass windows and multiple cable knockouts; specialized audio recording equipment; and Epson scanners. Loanable equipment includes video cameras, digital cameras, drawing tablets, green screen lighting kits, portable digital audio recorders, MIDI keyboards, and microphones, and peripherals to aid in use and storage including tripods, external hard drives, memory cards, headphones, and cables. Loanable equipment has a loan time of 7 days. For more information, please visit Digital Publishing Services’ MediaHub webpage, where you can view a comprehensive online catalog of equipment, listing of item availability, image gallery, and tutorials.

New Media Hub Tutorials!

Digital Publishing Services has been working hard this summer creating new Media Hub video tutorials.  These tutorials emphasize equipment that is available for use in the library, or can be loaned out via the circulation desk.  Three tutorials have been added in the last 2 weeks. They include tips on using GarageBand, Audacity and options for backing up Video Media. Check them out!Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 9.07.36 AM

Club Phil Megamix Video

During this spring and summer break, members of DPS have been experimenting with the MediaHub loanable equipment to get a fuller sense of what possibilities it offers to our patrons. We’re happy to say that they are pretty endless. To demonstrate this and promote the MediaHub, we’ve created a short music video & song featuring the library’s ambient sounds, some of which you might recognize if you’ve spent time in “Club Phil,” as the students call it. So, here for you’re viewing pleasure is “Club Phil Megamix” – a video created exclusively using MediaHub equipment, software and some staff know-how.

The video was recorded using two Panasonic 32GB HC-X900M HD camcorders and two Davis & Sanford Provista 7518FM tripods. All sampled sounds were recorded with a Tascam DR-40 digital handheld recorder and edited in Audacity. The song itself was arranged within GarageBand, using an Akai MPK Mini MIDI controller to program in the melodic elements and additional beats. Finally, the video was edited within Final Cut Pro X. All software and equipment listed is available through the MediaHub. If you are interested to learn more about the MediaHub and the resources we offer through it, please feel free to contact us at dps@providence.edu. We’d be happy to hear from you!

In the meantime, sit back (or dance if you wanna) and enjoy the video!


Media Hub site officially launched


The MediaHub is a campus collaborative space that offers patrons support in creating, editing, and producing a wide range of multimedia, and now it’s website is officially launched!

Check it out here

Get access to Media Hub tutorials, peruse the listing of loanable Media Hub equipment, or take a look at some photos in the image gallery! If you have any feedback or suggestions for the Media Hub site do not hesitate to email them to dps@providence.edu.


MediaHub Loanable Equipment


We’re excited to announce that an assortment of MediaHub hardware is available for patron loan later in the Spring 2014 semester! In the interest of expanding our multimedia services and facilities, patrons are now able to work on their multimedia projects outside the scope of our physical space and hours. All loanable material is viewable through the HELIN catalog and can be checked out in the Phillips Memorial Library. (Loan periods of items may vary.) Introductory training on the equipment can be offered via appointment (dps@providence.edu).

Here is a brief listing of some items available through the MediaHub:

  • Panasonic HC-X900M HD camcorders
  • Canon PowerShot G15 digital cameras
  • Tascam DR-40 portable audio recorders
  • Wacom Intuos 5 tablets
  • AKAI USB MIDI keyboards

For a full listing, please visit the HELIN catalog entry or inquire at dps@providence.edu.




MediaHub Catalog

2As we continue situating and preparing the MediaHub’s equipment for stationary use and loan, we at DPS have begun developing an inventory catalog, for use by patrons.  The purpose of the catalog will be to showcase all of the MediaHub’s static/loanable equipment, along with specifications and features for each item.

The catalog’s design riffs off of, and complements, other branding that we have developed for the MediaHub over recent weeks. A printed copy will be available in the MediaHub, Access Services, and on the web.  Provided here is a sample page from the catalog.  More to come soon!

MediaHub Tutorials

Seeing as the MediaHub is up and running for our patrons, and much of the equipment is being prepared for loan, we at DPS thought it would be helpful to offer some video tutorials related to the MediaHub and its tech complement. This will be an ongoing series focusing on subjects such as: basic video production; basic audio editing; media backup and archiving; online video services; and more! So, here is the first installment on basic video production. In the video, I’ll demonstrate to you how to record video, transfer it to an iMac, edit the footage in iMovie, and share the final project on YouTube. And certainly, if anyone viewing this has questions following the video, you are more than welcome to contact the DPS department at dps@providence.edu.

Stay tuned for other installments!


MediaHub Video Update

With its development moving right along, seems that it’s time to provide another installment in our MediaHub video series! In this video, I give another quick tour of the space as it is now, and discuss some of the equipment the MediaHub will offer our patrons. It’s a great experience to see this new collaborative space take shape in the Phillips Memorial Library, and it is our hope that the Providence College community feels similarly. Stay tuned for more updates as the summer moves along!

First Video Tour of the MediaHub

Last year, a proposal originated from within our department to develop a library-based multimedia center –  specifically, one that would assist and inspire Providence College faculty, staff, and student scholars in their digital media-inclusive work. After receiving approval from Academic Affairs, the now interdepartmental project – known currently as the MediaHub – has moved forward at a stunning rate. We have received much of the requested equipment and will be setting up the space over the summer, with a soft launch during the Fall 2013 semester. For those interested in seeing this space come to life, here is the first in a video series on the MediaHub, its complement, and our aims in offering this space. Keep posted for future installments!

New guide makes citing film and audio easier

Front-cover-image-Audiovisual Citation GuidelinesDoes the word “citation” make you want to take a snooze?  We don’t blame you.  But if you’ve ever tried to cite something specifically challenging like a YouTube video or a TV commercial, you probably know the frustration that can ensue.  Thankfully, the British Universities Film and Television Council has just released a new set of Audiovisual Citation Guidelines that simplify the process.  The guidelines “address the growing need for a clear, comprehensive and consistent system for the citation of moving image and sound.”  They demonstrate citations for a variety of media including television and radio shows, audio recordings, DVD extras, video and audio clips, trailers, advertisements, amateur and archive material, podcasts, and more.

Here are a couple of examples from the guidelines:

Television Show Accessed Online:
Roddy Doyle’, Writer in Profile [television program clip, online] Pres. David Hanly. RTÉ, Ireland, 10/06/1992, RTÉ 1. 5mins 59secs. http://www.euscreen.eu/play.jsp?id=EUS_74BF381109E04797841DB8C2E30E20EF (accessed 29/09/2012).

Music Track:
‘Romance No.2 in F Major, op. 50’, Chill with Beethoven [music track, CD] Cond. Kenneth Jean, Perf. Slovak Philharmonic orchestra. Naxos, UK, 31/01/2006. 4mins 42secs. [Naxos, 8.556790, 2006].

User-Generated Online Content:
Kittys Meet [user-generated content, online] Creat. BFvsGF. 19/01/2013, 7mins 28secs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34hoyQ7oc2k (accessed 21/01/2013)

For more on this visit the British Universities Film and Television Council’s web page, or download the Audiovisual Citation Guidelines themselves.   You can also view the Phillips Memorial Library’s citation guide for further help with citations in a variety of formats and styles.

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