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2As we continue situating and preparing the MediaHub’s equipment for stationary use and loan, we at DPS have begun developing an inventory catalog, for use by patrons.  The purpose of the catalog will be to showcase all of the MediaHub’s static/loanable equipment, along with specifications and features for each item.

The catalog’s design riffs off of, and complements, other branding that we have developed for the MediaHub over recent weeks. A printed copy will be available in the MediaHub, Access Services, and on the web.  Provided here is a sample page from the catalog.  More to come soon!


  1. cherine whitney says:

    Hi guys,
    I had some time to look at this Media hub page. It is neat! I am glad to see all ofthe labors of your hard work come to fruition.

    Black and white photography of the staff here is effective.


  2. cherine whitney says:

    Looking at the archives, blog of DPS.
    Good job guys, very thorough work! I am learning a lot.


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