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Copyright for Educators & Librarians

2Beginning this week, three colleagues and myself will be participating in an online workshop run through Duke University by Kevin Smith (M.L.S., J.D.), Lisa A. Macklin (J.D., M.L.S.), and Anne Gilliland (J.D., M.L.S.).

All three instructors began as librarians and went to law school in order to assist colleagues in schools, colleges, and libraries better understand copyright. Their principal role in their current positions is to help sort out copyright issues that arise in education and libraries. From their introductory bio on the class website:

“In all of these situations, our goal is to help teachers and librarians accomplish their legitimate educational goals in ways that respect copyright and reduce the fear and uncertainty that sometimes hampers creative teaching. As lawyers, we strive to find responsible ways to say ‘yes’ when asked if a new teaching idea or library services can be considered within the confines of the copyright law.”

Throughout the next four weeks, we will be learning about how the history, purpose, and structure of the United States copyright law is relevant to educators and librarians. For more more information about this course, please visit the course website.

Club Phil Megamix Video

During this spring and summer break, members of DPS have been experimenting with the MediaHub loanable equipment to get a fuller sense of what possibilities it offers to our patrons. We’re happy to say that they are pretty endless. To demonstrate this and promote the MediaHub, we’ve created a short music video & song featuring the library’s ambient sounds, some of which you might recognize if you’ve spent time in “Club Phil,” as the students call it. So, here for you’re viewing pleasure is “Club Phil Megamix” – a video created exclusively using MediaHub equipment, software and some staff know-how.

The video was recorded using two Panasonic 32GB HC-X900M HD camcorders and two Davis & Sanford Provista 7518FM tripods. All sampled sounds were recorded with a Tascam DR-40 digital handheld recorder and edited in Audacity. The song itself was arranged within GarageBand, using an Akai MPK Mini MIDI controller to program in the melodic elements and additional beats. Finally, the video was edited within Final Cut Pro X. All software and equipment listed is available through the MediaHub. If you are interested to learn more about the MediaHub and the resources we offer through it, please feel free to contact us at dps@providence.edu. We’d be happy to hear from you!

In the meantime, sit back (or dance if you wanna) and enjoy the video!


New GA in Special Collections/DPS Lab!


The DPS Lab and Special Collections would like to take this moment to welcome our new GA (Graduate Assistant), Andrew Lavoie, to the library! Andrew graduated in May 2014 from PC with a B.A. in History and a minor in Classics.  He is from … [Continue reading]

30 more letters! Working facets! It’s another Dorr Letters site update!


    Hello everyone! I've got some great news for those who have been following the Dorr Letters site project. We've just finalized the encoding for 30 more letters, uploaded them to the Dorr Letters site, and updated some of the … [Continue reading]

Ithaka S+R’s “Sustaining the Digital Humanities”


On June 18, 2014, Ithaka’s strategic consulting and research service, Ithaka S+R, published “Sustaining the Digital Humanities: Host Institution Support beyond the Start-Up Phase,” which assesses the role that higher education institutions are … [Continue reading]

Skullphone: Digital Media


Skullphone is an American street artist, who gained notoriety due to the "Skullphone" image (a black and white skull on a cell phone) that he started posting around Los Angeles in 1999. He received additional recognition for his serial image of a … [Continue reading]

NERCOMP “Doing Digital Humanities on a Shoestring Budget”


Yesterday, several members of Digital Publishing Services attended a NERCOMP (NorthEast Regional Computing Program) event on inexpensively creating and managing digital humanities projects. The event featured several speakers from a range of … [Continue reading]

Library Exhibits


Digital Publishing Services has been working with the Special Collections on creating online galleries of present and past library exhibits.  There are presently four gallery exhibits posted to the Digital Commons, our institutional … [Continue reading]

Spring Publishing


As the semester comes to a close Digital Publishing Services has been busy publishing scholarship from a variety of Providence College conferences, events, and classes.  Here is a selection of the work being added to the repository: Annual … [Continue reading]

Try DIY, Not Green Or Gold Open Access

Harvey Goldstein and John Bynner, writing in the Opinion section of the UK's online weekly magazine reporting on higher education news and issues, Times Higher Education, take a very direct approach to the future of scholarly publishing: DIY (Do It … [Continue reading]

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