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NYPL Now Loaning WiFi Hotspots

Tony Marx, director of the New York Public Library, has recently secured funding for a project that will allow the NYPL to offer it’s patrons free Wi-Fi hotstpot devices. Marx has been known for his vision of a more accessible library.

We’re human beings. We’re social animals. Even if you don’t need to come to the library to read a book, people come to the library to be together and to be in inspiring spaces


Learn more about the Library HotSpot here: http://hotspot.nypl.org/

If you’d like to learn more about Tony Marx, and the NYPL, check out his talk with Arianna Huffington at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Andy Warhol Became First Modern Digital Artist 30 Years Ago this July

warhol-debbie-harryAccording to a new article written by Andrew Burmon for Inverse.com, Andy Warhol became the first modern digital artist 30 years ago this month. On July 23, 1985, Commodore Business Machines revealed at Lincoln Center the Amiga 1000, a personal computer designed for graphics. Andy Warhol used the computer and ProPaint V27 to create a portrait of Debbie Harry, of the band Blondie, and essentially created a new form of modern art. According to Burmon, Warhol’s interest in computer graphics could be traced back to an introduction to them (alongside Keith Haring) by Steve Jobs at Sean Lennon’s ninth birthday party, which happened less than a year before the Amiga 1000 presentation. To learn more about Warhol’s pursuit of digital art, please visit the article here.

Fales Library at New York University acquires Triple Canopy archive

The well known New York art journal Triple Canopy has agreed to host it's archive at the Fales Library at New York University. The journal has been published (mostly online, though some print versions do exist) since 2007. Triple Canopy is a part of … [Continue reading]

New Epson Scanner for DPS Lab

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 9.42.55 AM

The DPS Lab has a new addition: an Epson Expression 11000xl Flatbed Scanner!  With a scanning area of 12.2" x 17.2" it can handle most of our project requests in the lab.  It also comes with a transparency head for scanning photo negatives of various … [Continue reading]

‘Oligarchy’ of publishers

Recently CBC News provided a report on a study published in PLoS One about the academic publishing industry. Vincent Larivière, Stefanie Haustein and Philippe Mongeon, co-authors of the study found that research publishing houses have typical … [Continue reading]

DC comics coming to Hoopla

For the first time, DC has partnered with the digital public library, Hoopla.  Their partnership will bring 25 of their top titles to the library. Comics will be added periodically, and a spokesperson from Hoopla claims there will eventually be over … [Continue reading]

Apple & Google Play Announce New Digital Music Streaming Services


This week, both Apple and Google Play launch their new music streaming services. In a possible effort to lure paid subscribers, Google has launched their service ahead of Apple, with Apple's service set to launch for June 30th. Apple's service … [Continue reading]

UK Launches First Fully OA University Press


University College London (UCL) announced the launch of UCL Press on June 4, 2015. UCL Press is described as the first fully Open Access university press in the UK. The Press will focus on scholarly monographs, textbooks and journals. Inaugural … [Continue reading]

The Cowl Digitization Project Has Entered the 1980s


Digital Publishing Services' ongoing digitization of back issues of the Cowl has enter a new phase, the 1980s! Providence College's student newspaper, The Cowl, began publication on November 16th, 1935. It has been published continuously each … [Continue reading]

White House Digital Initiative

A number of major U.S. publishers have agreed to work with the White House, and president Obama, on an initiative to expand access to e-books and digital content to low income students. The goal is to provide at least 250$ million in free e-books and … [Continue reading]

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