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Why PC Was the Right Fit For Me

TGIF! This week (and all of the weeks that lie ahead of me) has been crazy, and I’ve barely had a moment to sit down and process the fact that April is almost upon us. In light of the fact that acceptance letters are all mailed out and decision crunch time is quickly approaching, I figured that I would give a little insight on why I chose PC all those years ago (I have been feeling really old, so bear with my references to this point).

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One of my most favorite quotes!

I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times on my blog, but my sister graduated from PC in 2007. You know when you picture college, there’s usually a campus that you’ve seen that sticks out in your head, even when you’re little? PC was always that campus for me. From the time I was 11, I pictured myself going to PC just like my sister. I, of course, researched and applied to other schools, but at the end of the day, every day, it was PC. I just had a gut feeling, and I knew without even thinking about it too much that PC was my top choice.

But, as I wrote about last year, I missed one deadline for financial aid, and things suddenly got scary. If I had known for so long that PC was where I wanted to be, how was I going to let some silly mistake ruin my chances of attending? I was placed on the Financial Aid Waiting List – not a fun place to be – so I was literally forced to choose a different school for my top choice. My second choice was always Loyola University in Maryland, and after visiting the campus for a weekend in April, I realized that I could see myself there. It was beautiful, they had great majors, nice dorms, and everyone was really friendly. I sort of set my sights on Loyola, then, because I figured that getting my hopes up to be taken off of the Financial Aid Waiting List was just going to be torture.

Spoiler alert: I ended up at Providence, which is why you’re able to read my blogs on this site rather than one connected to Loyola. Everything worked out for me in the end, and I learned a lot of lessons from my mistakes and experiences. But I also learned how important PC is to me. And that gut feeling that I talked about was right.

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Beautiful view from a trip to Bristol, RI

Why was PC that fit for me, though? Back then, I saw what is so noticeable upon first visiting campus: friendly, smiling faces in white coats and grey shirts, a beautiful campus with state of the art technology and equipment, and a proximity to a city that seemed so fun to explore. I was right about all of those things, but being at PC for four years, I realized how much of a great fit it truly is for me. First of all, I made some of my absolute best friends here. I could not have asked for better people to grace me with their presence these past years. My major fits me in every way, and I have had the opportunity to work with professors and advisors who have given me such lasting advice that has really changed me for the better. I get to live in this beautiful city and eat at all of these incredible restaurants (thus going broke). I have taken such comprehensive classes in all subject areas. When I get myself there, I run on brand new treadmills overlooking the building that greeted me upon first moving into campus, McVinney. Everybody sort of knows everybody here, making PC the perfect second home.

Providence College worked for me, and it still does. This was my dream school, and it still is. You, as a prospective student, might still be searching for that dream school. Or maybe you already know. Either way, don’t ignore those gut feelings when choosing a school. If you can work out how to get where you feel you belong, don’t hesitate. Ask questions. Search the websites. Really delve into the information presented to you. Utilize every resource. In a lot of ways, the reasons that I love PC might align with why you’ll love it here, too.

Lots of luck!


  1. Maureen Daddazio says:

    Well said, Allie! Your dad and I could not be more proud of you for the decision you made to attend PC. It has been as perfect a fit for you, as it was for your sister! Your approaching graduation brings excitement at the thought of what lies ahead for you as a PC grad. It also conjures up feelings of sadness at the thought of PC being a part of our past! I guess we must adopt the notion that once you’ve been a Friar, you’ll always be a Friar!

  2. Bella and Mary says:


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