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Another Level of Advising

When I was a freshman, I did not utilize a lot of the opportunities on campus. I was undeclared until March of my freshman year, so I never felt the need to see my adviser to talk about my year and my experience. Now that I am a senior and have had a few years of experience in the area, I realize how incredibly important it is to seek guidance when the time comes. You might be surprised at how many professors are ready and willing to help with no hesitation.

I have begun the absolutely terrifying process of applying for a job for next year. I try not to think too deeply about how frightened I am of the future, which has given me somewhat of an optimistic outlook. Without my team of supporters, however, I would be in an entirely different mindset.

As you might recall from some of my posts from last semester, I took my required seminaiass with a new professor on campus, Dr. Steven Smith.

The seminar focused on the American Revolution, and though it being a marathon class was daunting, I loved every minute of the seminar. The discussion was great, the class was the perfect size (only about 9 of us), and the material was nothing but interesting. When I was brainstorming who to ask for reference letters to include with my resume while applying for jobs, one of my very first thoughts was to ask Dr. Smith. He was more than willing to help me out in any way possible, and he is proving to be a very important supporter in this process. Who would have thought that a professor that I didn’t know this time last year would be acting as such a wonderful mentor to me as I prepare to graduate from PC?

That’s the thing about PC, though: people are always willing to help. Dr. Smith is just one of the many advisers of mine on campus, and each and every one is so helpful in a ton of ways. I kid you not when I say that my confidence comes from the guidance that I am lucky enough to have on campus. As you receive your letters (this week?!?), I urge you to take the community at PC into consideration. With the number of people that I can talk to, ask questions, and have genuine conversations with, I have never felt misguided.

If you choose this college that I love so dearly, you won’t either.


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