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It’s Friday and here’s what is happening:

  • I have an improv show tonight, and I’m jittery! We’re performing off campus for the first time thanks to the help of some alumni. Super exciting, but definitely nerve-racking.
  • Festivities are being set up all around campus in preparation for Accepted Students Day, which reminds me of my Accepted Students Day 4 years ago. And that’s a strange feeling.


    American Studies periods 3/4. Hi.

  • Job applications on job applications on job applications.
  • Only four days left of student teaching! (CRY :( shout out to American Studies, my torturous little blog stalkers)
  • Student Teaching celebration dinner was last night in downtown Providence. It’s seriously so crazy to think that I’m going to be a real person next year. Time flies.

4 years ago. WEIRD!

Life is crazy busy, but I’m trying to enjoy every last second of my time at PC. This is a quick update because I’ve got to get going, but I will be providing you with a full blog post soon. I’ll be working the Secondary Education booth from 10:30-12:00 tomorrow in Peterson, so if you’re coming for Accepted Students Day, stop by! We should have a code word so I know that you read this. Hmmm…I’m hungry, so let’s go with quesadilla. My students think I’m a nerd, so it’s okay if you do, too.

Have a great Friday, and safe travels if you’re on your way to PC!

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