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Closing Time


So, I graduated college last Sunday. And I know that you might be wondering why, over a week later, I still have yet to compile my thoughts into one last post. While the logical reason is that my computer has been on the fritz and I am too impatient to deal with the monstrous contraption in the corner of my room on which I am typing this post, the real reason is that I just can’t think of what to say. There is so much for me to be thankful for, so much to say goodbye to; how am I supposed to fit that into some words on a blog?

I think that the first thing I want to say to kick off this last post is that, if you choose PC, you are choosing a home. No matter where you end up on campus, you will find yourself in the most comfortable and encouraging environment imaginable, surrounded by people who are going to become your best friends. There is a reason the Friar family has such a strong bond – the sense of community on campus permeates every event, classroom, and relationship. I can say, with total and complete honesty as a post graduate, that you are in for the ride of your life if you choose PC. And you will never regret your decision.

10344404_10203947198304833_7406904604094728009_oThis is my last chance to tell you all of my favorite spots on campus and in the city, and since I won’t be around come September, I’m begging you, the readers of my blog, to find these places and take my spot while it’s warm. Ahem: the Duck and Bunny on Wickenden, any of the window booths in Ray, the spot in the corner of the Harkins Education lab, the Bowab theater in Smith, RiRas, Colt State Park…I’m starting to think that I’m giving you too much information. Just make sure that you explore, okay? You have to explore. There is so much to find while you’re at PC. Don’t let your time go to waste.

Smile! Be happy and energetic. Be appreciative. Sleep late. Work out…then eat the frozen yogurt. Get the Lombardi when you eat at Alumni, but substitute roasted red peppers for the tomato. Don’t let anyone see you, but take lots of screenshots when you’re in the Dunkin line. Go to games. Go to events. Go to shows. Say hi to people you know. Say hi to people you only met once. Say hi to people you don’t know.  Go up for seconds at Ray breakfast. Check your mailbox even when you know no one mails you anything (or maybe that’s just me).  Take the RIPTA, take the Shuttle, make your Thursday night adventure Wal-Mart if that’s what you’re feeling. Go to your professor’s office hours. Stay in Slavin past midnight. Love your time at Providence. I promise you, pinky promise, cross my heart, cannot emphasize the point enough…you made the right decision, and you are going to have the time of your life.

I need to say thank you to PC for my time there. Thank you to everyone who ever believed in me, and to all of the influential people who made such an impact on my life. Thank you for the experiences, the laughs, the tears, the thrills. Like Father Shanley said at Commencement, it’s time for the Class of 2014 to move on and build our futures, but PC will forever hold a very special place in my heart.1601465_10152044647896017_2315724093225559306_n

So that’s it, I guess. I’m sitting at the computer that I applied to be a blogger on, and my newest adventure awaits. I will be teaching at the middle school in my hometown, a job for which I cannot wait. Thank you to the Office of Admissions for allowing me to share my experiences over the past four years! I will be forever grateful. Thank you for reading (love you Mom, Dad, family, and roommates!), and for trusting me to give you a good reason to come to PC. I hope that I gave you many. Best of luck in all of your endeavors, and don’t ever hesitate to contact me! I can guarantee you that I will be wanting to talk about my college experience for years to come.








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