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Cheers to Providence College.

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Approximately four years ago, I said ‘yes’ to Providence College. I have not regretted it since. 

I’ve been dreading writing this. The last blog post. Another goodbye. I don’t know if I emotionally can handle any more of them. I’ve said goodbye to things that didn’t matter. But worse, I’ve said goodbye to things that did. In total, I’ve cried four time already since the last day of classes (which was only one week ago). There is no doubt in my mind that there are more to come.

If I truly not had the best four years of my life, I would not be sad to see Providence College go. Fortunately for me, that is not the case. There were things that were so hard to let go of. There are things that I’m still battling with saying goodbye to. There are the things that have made my years at Providence College truly phenomenal. Utterly life changing.

Which is why I wanted to spend my last post in honor of these things. These moments. These people.

Thank You …. (arranged in no particular order)

1. The Liberal Arts Honors Program:

My first goal at Providence College was to apply into the Honors Program. Freshman year I was determined to not only get A’s, but further challenge myself as well. I would work as hard as I had to in order to get into the program. And I did it. I accomplished it. As I look back at my Honors classes, and the Professors that I owe so much to, I am incredible touched that these brilliant minds let me into this program and allowed me to learn from them.

The Honors Program taught me that no goal is unattainable if you try.

2. PC IT Helpdesk:

I work in my sweatpants, watch TV and get paid for it. It’s a beautiful thing. But despite the silly things I get to do, the IT department has become a second family. I got my job during freshman year and despite any issues I had with friends, or any changes in class schedules I had, I always had the IT department. I have some great stories, some great inside jokes, from my time there. Not only will I miss the friendships I’ve made but I will also miss the trust that my bosses always instilled in me. That they knew I could handle a new situation. That I could easily learn a new subject. That trust has allowed me to grow, not only as a person, but as an employee. I will always be thankful for this.

The IT Department taught me that you can find family in the strangest of places.

3. WDOM 91.3 FM:

As Event Director and then Music Director, I spent two years at WDOM 91.3 FM learning from my fellow students. I had always wanted to pursue the entertainment industry and getting a position on the board made it so much more obtainable. I learned a lot. But most importantly, I was surrounded by people with the same interest as me. Other people loved the station as much as I did. The entertainment industry was a common thread between us. When I went to the CMJ Music Festival for WDOM, I was surrounded by people that  loved radio. Being in a constant environment of similar pursuits allowed us all to develop from one another. It confirmed my dreams of working in the entertainment industry. It confirmed my dreams of working in NYC. And with that in mind, I could do anything.

The PC Radio Station taught me that we all owe it to ourselves to pursue our dreams.

4. My Roommates of Two Years:

I owe so much to these spectacular, amazing, girls. They are inspire me in every aspect of life. Their kindness, their intelligence, their passion. They are truly some of the best people I have ever met. And I will be honest, my first two years at PC (although I loved every minute of it), I had had some bad luck with roommates. But then I met these people that have since then become like sisters to me and everything changed. I am not worried about saying goodbye to them because I will make sure to keep in touch and to visit. I’m sure that even if we tried, there is not way we could all let each other go. I love you girls. Thanks for being in my life.

My roommates taught me that home isn’t a place, it’s a group of people.

5. Things That Didn’t Go My Way:

Although this doesn’t feel like it should belong to this list, I know it should. Like most aspects of life, some things happened that were a BUMMER. I fell out of contact with friends, I got the occasional bad grade and sometimes I felt so stressed I couldn’t bare it. But out of the bad, came the good. I was rejected from a handful of on campus jobs. Until the Helpdesk hired me. I fell out of contact with a lot of extracurriclars. Until I joined the WDOM board. I stopped talking to some friends. But I made better ones.

The things that didn’t go my way taught me that, although it may not be in the way we envision it, great things will happen.


When I look back at Providence College, at my time in this beautiful place, everything I want to say feels cliche. That it changed my life. That I’ve grown as a person. But it’s all true. It’s made me the person I am and I will always be grateful that it happened. I will always be grateful for these memories and that is why I am so very reluctant to let them go.

But bright things are on the horizon. I have accepted a job at NBC Universal in New York (which is my dream job, by the way). I will be moving back to New Jersey for the time being. I’ll be close to friends and family. I’ll start looking at literary agents to query for a novel I’ve been writing. Things are looking amazing in the future. 

Right now, this is my life. I have lived it at Providence College and I will continue living it in two weeks when I am kicked off the campus. I am here as a student now, and will be here as an alumni later, and it is so beautiful. 

Cheers to our pasts, ours present and our future. Cheers to the learning, the living and the change to come.

Cheers to Providence College.


For my last and final time,


Alexia Polachek

Providence College Alumni


  1. Scott Seseske says:

    Great final post, Alexia! Thank you for sharing your experiences on your blog throughout your time on campus. Congratulations on graduation and good luck with your post-PC plans!


  2. Ned Cummiskey says:

    Alexia, good luck in your next chapter of life. One bit of advice is don’t get up at 6am on graduation day and go to some bar like Louies and drink until 10am and then go to graduation.

    My first job after PC in 1980 was as a features writer for the Kent County Times. I only lasted three months. The money was lousy and the writing sparse around a lot of goafer tasks. For the last 26 years I have been a credit manager after working as a credit analyst for Dun & Bradstreet. I also was a cab driver, group home treatment worker, door to door salesman and copier sales person. The point is you will find something we all did even though we had no idea where, when or how on that Monday in May 1980. All the best to you as you already have something lined up. Go Friars.

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